Zelda’s Ocarina Of Time PC Port Shows Wind Waker Deserves A Remaster

The release of a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time HD PC port has fans speculating about the potential for a remaster for The Wind Waker.

A recent HD The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The PC port brought to mind another beloved game, perhaps the most unique in the series, one that’s still awaiting a true HD remaster on a current console – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Despite the lack of success seen in the previous Wii U remaster, the long-rumored Wind Waker remaster on Nintendo Switch could take the game to new heights. From its exceptional art style to its portrayal of a cartoonish young Link and a world entirely submerged in the sea, Gamecube’s Wind Waker has a lot to offer Zelda Fans.


Wind Waker is a charming yet mechanically deep title, which is widely misunderstood as it hasn’t met with the success Nintendo might have hoped for on the Gamecube and Wii U. With updated features, however, this could be yet another Zelda highlighted on the Nintendo Switch. Developer Harbor Masters shows just how possible it is for even smaller teams to push the limits of The Legend of Zelda games with his Ocarina of time PC HD port, and where Harbor Masters took the iconic Ocarina of time and amped up its visuals and performance to refine (rather than alter) its beauty, it shows how much a similar formula would do Wind Waker in a new experience.

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At the heart of Wind Waker is its cel-shaded visuals, an artistic technique that uses less shading colors to render 3D textures in a 2D style. Cel-shading allows games like Wind Waker age better than clean-rendered projects, as it is not intended to showcase the highest quality graphics, but rather its own distinct style. The technique gives Wind Waker its signature cartoon look, bringing out the characters’ wacky designs and expressions while allowing the majesty of the Great Sea and starry sky to flourish, even with the graphical limitations of the Gamecube. Thanks to this effect, it wouldn’t take too much work for Nintendo to regain the appeal of Wind Waker on a modern console.

Ocarina Of Time PC Port Shows Wind Waker On Wii U Wasn’t Enough

BOTW 2 could make a Trial of the Sword challenge mode required, just like the Savage Labyrinth on Wind Waker's Outset Island

Whereas Ocarina of time is the best Zelda game according to many fans, Wind Waker also has many supporters and is an underrated favorite that deserves the same touch up as Ocarina of timeThe PC port got. With the potential for a Switch remaster, Nintendo may also address the previous remaster of Wind Waker on the Wii U, which was criticized for significantly changing the look of the game. In an apparent attempt to achieve modern graphics, it replaced the original cel-shading with crisper textures and improved artificial brightness . A remaster that stays true to the game’s core features would introduce Wind Waker to a new generation of Zelda fans, preserving the legacy of the game.

The other ambition of a modern Wind Waker could seek to fill on the basis of the Ocarina of time The PC port achieves a frame rate of 60 fps. The new 3D Zelda title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, doesn’t manage 60 fps, no doubt to the disappointment of even its most zealous fans. Its performance suffers due to high graphics output and its fully rendered open world. While operating in HD, Wind Waker could lean more into its cel-shaded styling and look great while still maintaining 60fps. This would help highlight Wind Wakerit is gameplay, allowing its unique combat features like parry attack and navigation of the Great Sea to work even more seamlessly.

Projects like HD Ocarina of time The PC port reminds fans of the value of older generation Nintendo games. There remains a permanent hope for the remasters of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess because titles like these are timeless experiences not available on the Switch. This is particularly true for Wind Wakera game entirely distinct from its counterparts, whose open environments, art style and combat helped pave the way for the series’ major success in breath of the wild.

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