Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Who is Malon’s mother (and why she is important)

Although she was never seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Malon’s mother plays an important (and often overlooked) role in Link’s adventure.

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, players will meet a young girl named Malon, her father Talon and their ranch worker Ingo. However, at no point in the game do players have the chance to meet his mother – although she does play an important role in Link and his adventures. Ocarina of time was the first title to bring Link and the Realm of Hyrule to 3D, but its impressive features went beyond graphics – giving players a tiered narrative with beautiful nuances.

All along Ocarina of time story, players will discover a vast world of characters and races. One of those characters is Malon, a young girl first met in Hyrule Castle town, where she comments on Link’s green tunic and nicknames him Fairy Boy. Link will meet Malon at night, singing on the path to Hyrule Castle. Here, she will present Link with a strange unhatched egg and ask him to use the hatched egg to wake his father whenever Link meets him at the castle.


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Malon is clearly much more responsible than his father, who, unlike his daughter, is described as lazy and fuzzy throughout. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Therefore, it can be assumed that Malon takes from his anonymous and invisible mother. But even though his mother is never present in the game, she clearly had a big influence on Malon and left a lasting impact on Talon. This can be seen in the way Talon reacts whenever Link talks to him while wearing the Gerudo mask in Ocarina of time. Seeing Link in this mask, Talon’s first remark is that he reminds him of his wife. This comment, combined with Malon’s flaming red hair (another difference she has from Talon, whose hair is black) makes it plausible that Malon’s mother was a member of the Gerudo breed.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time – The Importance of Malon’s Mother

Link learns Epona Song Ocarina of Time

The importance of Malon’s mother in Ocarina of time, however, is not who she is. Rather, it’s the role she easily plays in Link’s adult life; When players first encounter Malon singing outside Hyrule Castle, she sings one of the Ocarina of timeFamous melodies from – Epona’s Song (although neither Link nor the players know its meaning yet). After this encounter, Link will end up visiting Lon Lon Ranch when he was a child. Here he will find Malon, this time in a horse pen. Malon will sing again, and upon seeing her Fairy Boy again, she will continue to teach Link Epona’s song. Here Malon will reveal that this song was actually written by his mother.

Play Epona’s song in Ocarina of time will call Epona to Link when he’s an adult – something that irritates Ingo, who had taken over from Talon when Hyrule came under Ganondorf’s reign. Talon had saved Epona for King Gerudo himself but was never able to tame her as he did not know Epona’s song. Thanks to this song from Malon’s mother, however, Link and Epona are united and able to escape the Lon Lon Ranch together after Ingo tries to keep them locked inside. Therefore in THE Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, Link is able to call Epona from anywhere on Hyrule Field by simply playing Epona’s song on his ocarina. Together, the two can then quickly traverse Hyrule, as Link seeks to awaken the sages and free the kingdom from the tyrannical rule of Ganondorf with his noble steed by his side.

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