Zelda fan plays the Ocarina of Time theme in Majora’s Mask

A The Legend of Zelda fan recreated the main theme of Ocarina of time in Majora’s Maskusing playing instruments. Music is an extremely important aspect of the Zelda franchise, both in terms of lore and game design, and OoT often emerges as a contender for having the best music of all Zelda Game.

Throughout the The Legend of Zelda franchise, Link learns a variety of magical songs with effects that help the hero on his way, and plays them on a variety of instruments. At a time Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask, Link uses the titular ocarina from the old game most often, but the sequel’s shape-shifting masks come with several new instruments. As Deku Scrub, Link wields an extensive set of pipes, while the Zora and Goron masks give him access to a guitar and a set of bongos, respectively. Although they can only play a few notes via player input, these instruments are actually quite capable; one player was even able to use the Majora’s Mask instruments to cover Toto’s Africa.


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Similarly, a Zelda fan has now been able to recreate an iconic piece from the franchise itself: the main theme from Ocarina of time. YouTube’s Offbeat Drill used four iterations of Zora Link and her guitar, alongside Link in her natural body playing the ocarina, to perfectly recreate the iconic melody. The ocarina, naturally, carries the main melody, while the guitars provide the rest of the soundtrack. And although Offbeat Drill only chose to represent a small part of the theme in this way, the video is still heavy with nostalgia. the original Ocarina of time the soundtrack used samples in its creation, as many video games do, so reusing Majora’s MaskThe own sounds thus present a unique form of recursive creation.

Zelda Fan’s In-Game Ocarina of Time Cover Is Brilliantly Creative

Like Offbeat Drill, many Zelda fans have embraced the series’ heavy use of music in various ways. The internet is full of covers, remixes, and even review videos. The franchise’s music is clearly exceptional, which in turn has served as an inspiration to many music-inclined fans over the years. In some cases, this can even lead to very dramatic renditions of popular tunes in honor of the franchise. For example, last year a fan chose to play OoT‘s Bolero of Fire on an active volcano.

This is a brilliantly creative and quite unique way to perform a The Legend of Zelda song. By layering multiple parts, Offbeat Drill was able to build an authentic sound that perfectly matches the original theme. It has already been shown in the past that playing instruments found in Majora’s Maskand indeed throughout the Zelda franchise, are incredibly versatile, and this new video only proves it further. Fans will no doubt be eager for more, whether it’s full coverage of the Ocarina of time theme or another melody entirely. Anyway, it seems that the The Legend of Zelda the series will continue to inspire lots of new music. Even John Darnielle, lead singer of The Mountain Goats, improvised a BOTW song after hearing the soundtrack of this game.

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Source: Offbeat Drilling/YouTube

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