Zelda: 10 Ways Ocarina Of Time Has Withstood the Test of Time


Nintendo has created many famous proprietary franchises, but THE Legend of Zelda gradually became more popular and achieved a status that firmly puts Zelda’s Link on a par with Mario. The biggest Zelda the series a experienced substantial changes since its debut on the original Nintendo entertainment system and there is regular debate over which entry into the franchise is strongest.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a groundbreaking episode of the series because of the way it officially moves Zelda in a fully 3D world thanks to the advent of the Nintendo 64 hardware. Ocarina of time is a triumph of the game that continues to receive praise and there is a lot going on Zelda game which remains impressive more than twenty years later.

ten His mature scenario

Games Zelda Ocarina Of Time Dead Hand Scary Enemy

The The Legend of Zelda the series receives praise for its revolutionary and refined gameplay, but there is also superlative storytelling which is present in many entries of the series. There are bold narrative decisions made in the pre-Nintendo 64 Zelda games, but Ocarina of time seriously expands the scope and maturity of what’s possible in the series. Ocarina of time isn’t afraid to embrace darker ideas, creepy areas and dungeons, and some enemies that are still terrifying to this day. All of these advancements still feel precise and as if they’ve helped move the franchise forward in a narrative sense.

9 Camera angles don’t struggle

legend of zelda ocarina of time water temple

The leap forward in technology from Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64 cannot be underestimated and it has forever changed the boundaries of the industry. The fully 3D worlds helped open up the Zelda series in an unprecedented way. That being said, some of the older Nintendo 64s find it difficult to move to 3D environments, and the in-game camera placement and control can often get cumbersome. Many titles are struggling in this area, but Ocarina of time masters the new concept. The presence of locked fights and features also benefits the finicky new camera.

8 The incorporation of horseback riding for transport

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link riding Epona

The size of Ocarina of time overworld is absolutely huge compared to its Super Nintendo predecessors. Player can take their time with exploration like Link meticulously walks in the kingdom of Hyrule. However, Ocarina of time adds Epona, Link’s loyal horse, which gives him a much faster and more efficient means of transport.

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This riding mechanic was awesome at the time and felt like he was advancing Link’s ability to travel in new and exciting ways. Epona and other similar means of transport remained in the series, a testament to the efficiency of the mechanic here.

7 Integrate the musical composition into the series

Legend of the Windmill of Zelda ocarina of time

Music has always been an important part of THE legend of Zelda, but generally only in terms of setting the mood. Ocarina of time titular ocarina gives Link the power to play some musical melodies which he learns during his quest, as well as to compose his own. This is a radically new mechanism for the series, but one that quickly feels natural and makes inspired use of the many mappable buttons on the Nintendo 64 controller. Link’s ocarina and the mechanism of playing music to trigger change have become an important part of the series.

6 The structure of the youth / adult link in the story

Ocarina of time is one of the most important entries overall Zelda series since it’s the first game that explicitly plays with an extended timeline that looks at both Link as a young child, but also as an adult. This is a very ambitious idea that may seem awkward or half-baked, but it is one of the Ocarina of time Better features. Public reaction to this concept has been so positive that separate The Legend of Zelda time limit were created, which separate Link’s youthful adventures from his more mature exploits.

5 Graphics hold up and are still impressive

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of the Woods of Lost Time

There are a lot of Nintendo 64 games that looked groundbreaking when they were originally released due to the fresh nature of the improved graphics, only that they now look quite embarrassing in hindsight. The graphical upgrade of A link to the past and Ocarina of time is colossal, but even if Ocarina It is from 1998 that he is still able to highlight attractive characters and environments.

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A major reason that Ocarina of time has managed to stay relevant for so long is that it still looks pretty, even by modern standards, and audiences don’t need to completely hide behind the nostalgia.

4 The new items and weapons he brings to the series

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Hover Boots Video Games

The Zelda games have so many different elements to enjoy, whether it’s the characters, the story, or the gameplay. An important tradition throughout the series is the arsenal of weapons and tools that Link acquires in the dungeons, which help him explore previously inaccessible areas or solve new problems. Ocarina of time has enough to offer that the game would always be a winner even if Link’s Items and Weapons were a mess. Fortunately, Ocarina of time introduces iconic additions to Link’s repertoire, both of which are fun in the game sense, but which also showcase the powers of the new Nintendo 64 hardware.

3 It is one of the longest and most “complete” Zelda games.

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Shadow Temple Entrance

The The Legend of Zelda the series has built a reputation to offer long and extended adventures. That said, more compact Zelda games exist, and one of the ways that older games can stop appealing to modern audiences is when they don’t have enough content to appeal to today’s gamers. There is such a technological transformation going on in Ocarina of time that a little game wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary. Instead of, Ocarina of time is one of the most important Zelda experiences that aren’t just something that ends casually over the weekend.

2 The number of modern ports that keep it available

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Link playing Ocarina

Older video games require a wide level of accessibility in order to stay in modern conversations. There will be fewer people who will think that a video game has stood the test of time if no one is able to play it anymore. Nintendo has ensured that Ocarina of time is almost always available to its audience, whether through virtual console and eShop versions, or even upgraded ports for modern consoles. There is even a 3D portable version of Ocarina of time for Nintendo 3DS. These enhanced keys aren’t necessary to enjoy the game, but they don’t hurt.

1 There is a phenomenal amount of additional content and secrets yet to be discovered

zelda ocarina of time fabulous frogs

Replayability and a long campaign are crucial factors in a retro game’s ability to satisfy modern gaming appetites. Ocarina of time benefits from how it is a very sturdy Zelda experience, but beyond its main game, there is so many more secrets which are hidden all over the world. Additional heart pieces, items, or copious Gold Skulltulas all provide rewarding challenges. There’s even a full engine for a fishing minigame that’s present, giving the player more time to keep busy beyond the main story experience.

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