yogi: Lord Krishna played “made In Pilibhit” flutes 5,000 years ago, according to Cm Yogi | Bareilly News

BAREILLY: UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for various development projects, including a government medical school, in Pilibhit on Thursday.
Addressing a public gathering on the crowded grounds of Drummond Inter College, Yogi said: Krishna used to play the flute made in Pilibhit and now we have made sure that this musical instrument reaches all parts of the world. Lord Krishna recognized Pilibhit’s flute 5,000 years ago, but previous governments had forgotten it. Our government made the mark of Pilibhit using this flute and now everywhere people talk about flutes they talk about this place.

“Pilibhit farmers are writing a new development story through hard work,” Yogi said, urging people to get vaccinated against Covid and also encouraging others to take the jab for India’s fight against the pandemic .
“Five years ago, farmers committed suicide, young people migrated to other states in search of work. Girls were not allowed to go to school for safety reasons. Riots broke out anywhere and anytime. But after the BJP came to power, the scenario changed. And, loans of Rs 36,000 crore granted to 86 lakh farmers have been canceled. The UP was once a state fighting for its image, but now the same state is writing a new development story under our government. We need your blessings to become the leader in carrying out development work across the country, ”Yogi said.
The CM added: “The goods amassed by the Mafia through illegal means are now either seized by the government or razed with bulldozers. Previously the money for various government programs was pocketed by a few people, but now this money is being mined using “JCB”. Our twin engine directly benefits the poor twice a month.

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