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A Zelda fan recreated the first areas of Ocarina of Time in The Wind Waker, featuring new mechanics and playable characters.

A dedicated The Legend of Zelda fan created a mod for Wind waker which makes it a previous title in the series: Ocarina of time. What started out as an April Fool’s Day has now grown into a full mod pack. At the moment, the project does not have a defined release date.

Ocarina of time was released for the Nintendo 64 and is considered by many to be the definitive version Zelda to live. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time; in any case, it is certainly one of the most influential. While Wind waker drew criticism upon release for presenting a considerable departure from the series’ standard in tone and artistry, it has gained its own following since launching on GameCube.

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The module, created by BigSharkZ, was originally announced via a video on his YouTube channel. The video shows Link walking through Hyrule Field and sneaking into Castle Town, as he does in Ocarina of time. There are also scenes showing Kokiri Forest and Lon Lon Ranch. The art style is described by BigSharkZ as “a mixture between [Wind Waker] and OOT.“This is especially noticeable in the character animations. For example, Saria uses the same moves as Link’s sister Aryll in Wind waker. BigSharkZ calls its creation a proof of concept, stating that:

While not a complete or brand new game, everything featured here will someday be available as a mod pack! This video was made in two weeks with very little sleep, as a proof of concept to show what can be done with Wind Waker modding. However, be aware that this is a very large amount of work for one person (over a hundred hours were spent on this, for example) and that my free time is often limited, it will take so awhile to have a good outing, especially when I have a lot of other projects going on.

The biggest difference between the original Ocarina of time and this mod is Malon from Lon Lon Ranch. Courtesy of Link, she becomes the controllable character, wielding a pitchfork and shield. Later images also show her with the hylian shield and the main sword. The seagull mechanic returns from Wind Waker, redesigned to use OdT‘s Cuccos. Players can also fly using birds in a method similar to Wind waker‘s Deku Leaf.

BigSharkZ warns that while the mod pack is slated for a possible release, a complete recreation of Ocarina of time would be almost impossible. They also specify that Twilight Princess doesn’t have the same modding abilities at the moment, so their skills are mostly limited to Wind Waker. But for those looking to modify their copy of WW, they posted a link to their Game Banana page. Individual mods available include the Malon mod seen in the video.

It’s fascinating to see how Ocarina of time reportedly looked and played using the cel-shaped art style and updated mechanics of its successor. The amount of time and effort put into what was initially intended as a joke is admirable. While there are currently no plans to fully rebuild the classic title, it’s still a careful exploration in two of the THE Legend of Zelda‘s most emblematic titles.

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Source: BigSharkZ, Game Banana

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