Wind instruments are not used but the band is still playing


“This is obviously part of the attempt to maintain some sort of security protocol around the transmission of COVID-19. As we move forward, we will continue to work with our school division and the local medical health office and try to figure out where to go from here.

At present, there is no timeline as to when the likes of saxophone, trumpet or trombone will be back aloud in lecture halls. Like all the different departments in the school, the local division is always on the lookout for answers on what the future will look like.

Despite current situations, music is not forgotten in school, said Brenda Bernath, music teacher at Carlton High. PANOW by email.

“As the guidelines for groups, and in particular for playing wind instruments in school, have changed, we have had to adapt accordingly and look for new ways to provide music education to our group students.” , said Bernath. “Options include offering musical activities that focus on theory, listening and enjoying music.

According to Bernath, things always go well.

“The families and students have been very supportive and understanding as the group’s guidelines and plans have adjusted and changed,” said Bernath. “They were open to exploring various options and even offered suggestions on how we might move forward with the band or the music for them.”

While the pandemic has wreaked havoc across much of the arts and entertainment industry, it hasn’t taken away learning opportunities for the group’s students in Pennsylvania.

“The band is not what we would like it to be right now, and the rich and full sound of the orchestra and the personal connections made with each other within the band will be missed. [but] we are still able to engage in music and provide music education to students, ”explained Bernath.

“Even though we would prefer to play together in a group, individual practice can be a good thing, great musicians do it all the time. This pandemic has forced us all to be innovative to overcome obstacles; to rethink and reinvent the way we do things. The group is no exception.

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