Why Ocarina Of Time’s Link and Zelda Probably Aren’t Real Siblings

Many have speculated that Link and Zelda are siblings in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the unsubstantiated evidence makes the theory implausible. Many of the reasons given in support of the sibling theory are based on non-canonical assumptions about Link and Zelda’s parents, so it’s hard to rationalize the events that occur after the so-called siblings split up. sisters. With a lack of compelling evidence to support the theory, it’s much more believable that Link and Zelda aren’t siblings.


There are countless theories surrounding Link and his adventures, but some are far more believable than others. For example, the idea remembered by the Happy Mask Salesman Ocarina of timeis the link in Majora’s Mask has a lot more credible evidence than Zelda being her twin sister. That being said, there are still many fans who wholeheartedly believe that Link and Zelda are siblings, and the theory is still intriguing.

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The theory that Link and Zelda are siblings mainly arose to explain the lack of information about the couple’s parents. The King of Hyrule is never seen, but is confirmed to be in the castle before Ganondorf takes over. All that is known of Link’s mother is that she brought him to the Great Deku Tree and died shortly after. The mysteries surrounding Link and Zelda’s parents make it easy to draw conclusions based on little or no canonical evidence. To understand why the sibling theory probably isn’t true, it’s important to carefully consider all of the arguments in favor of it.

Many complex and speculative theories have been developed to explain how Ocarina of timeLink’s hero, and Zelda, the princess of Hyrule, could be siblings. Due to their similar conceptions, many believe they are separate twins. When Zelda meets Link, she states that his name sounds familiar, leading some to believe she remembered him from childhood. The uncanny similarities in their appearances have also been pointed out to support the twin theory. Link and Zelda both have yellow hair and blue eyes, and they’re the same age, so the timeline would still make sense if they were twins.

Another important argument in support of the sibling theory is that no information is given about Link’s father or Zelda’s mother in Ocarina of time. The King of Hyrule never sees Link, so he wouldn’t have been able to identify the lost prince when he snuck out to see Zelda. Additionally, many believe that the parents have also been separated since Zelda’s mother is not there and Link’s father is not mentioned. The fates of Link’s father and Zelda’s mother are easily explained by sibling theory, but why the family was separated is debatable.

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Some believe the children were intentionally separated because the king and queen knew Hyrule’s future was tied to their destiny. The Queen of Hyrule brought Link to Kokiri Forest to keep him safe until he was ready to fulfill his destiny. In other theories, the Hyrulean Civil War led to a random attack on the Queen, and after being injured, she fled to the Kokiri Forest where Link was raised in Ocarina of time. In this theory, the Queen perished right after entrusting her son to the Deku Tree.

Link and Zelda are listening to dark forces threatening Hyrule. The Deku Tree mentions that Link’s restlessness and nightmares are due to his sensitivity to dark forces, and Zelda also has visions of Ganondorf and the threat he poses. There are undeniable similarities in how Link and Zelda interact and influence the world around them, but that’s the case either way. The Legend of Zelda Game. Of course, without canonical confirmation, the theory that Link and Zelda are twins remains possible, but it’s a very far-fetched idea that has several rational counter-arguments.

The twin theory relies on speculative information and circumstantial evidence that is fairly easy to counter. Zelda’s sense of familiarity upon hearing Link’s name in The Legend of Zelda does not prove that she knows him. There are several instances that show just how sensitive Zelda is to Hyrule’s fate, and recognizing Link’s name could just be another premonition. Zelda also has visions of Ganondorf and his evil intentions. The similarities in appearance between the pair might also seem like an intentional clue, but there are other characters with yellow hair and blue eyes, like Fado in Kokiri Forest.

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There are a lot of big holes that make the twin theory much less likely. Since Zelda would have been a baby at the time, it’s perfectly acceptable for her to know Link’s name but not remember who he is. However, when Link talks to Impa, she confirms that she’s been by Zelda’s side since she was a baby. If she had a twin brother, Ocarina of timeImpa’s incarnation would know. As a skilled guardian and keen observer, Impa should have at least suspected Link’s true identity if he was in fact Zelda’s twin. Also, with the number of NPCs who seem to know a lot about Hyrule’s history, it seems unlikely that a prince lost in his lifetime wouldn’t be mentioned once.

The other major flaw in this theory is how Link ended up in the custody of the Deku Tree. If the Queen of Hyrule had been attacked and fled to Kokiri, then surely the king would have sent guards to search for her and her son. It is possible that the king has simply failed in his research efforts or is too busy with the war. However, this would only make sense if the queen was arbitrarily wandering around Hyrule with her infant son for Ocarina of timeis civil war.

The theory that works best is that Link was intentionally taken to the Deku Tree to protect him from harm. Sadly, this also means the queen left her infant daughter behind in time of war and risked her son’s life to deliver him to Kokiri Forest on the other side of Hyrule Field. There doesn’t seem to be any logical or believable explanation for intentionally separating Link and Zelda as babies, unless the King and Queen of Hyrule knew exactly what was going to happen in the future.

Even a premonition leading to Link and Zelda splitting up is far-fetched. Making sure Link never finds out about his relationship with the royal family should involve at least a few people, including Impa. It’s just not believable that anyone in Ocarina of timeHyrule Castle, or the surrounding areas, recognizes Link as the Lost Prince considering how his disappearance would have affected the kingdom. If Link and Zelda were really twins in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, so it seems that Ganondorf also cursed the lands of Hyrule with passive unconsciousness. While it’s implausible that Link and Zelda are related, it’s clear that they share a deeper bond and their fates are intertwined.

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