Why Dampé buried his grappling hook in Ocarina of Time

In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Dampé dug up the Clawshot and saw it as a precious treasure, leaving players wondering why he would rebury it afterwards.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time requires the use of Dampé’s Clawshot to enter the Forest Temple. Since the Forest Temple is the first dungeon Adult Link goes to, he needs the grappling hook shortly after being freed from the Holy Realm. Dampé, however, died while Link was gone, and he leaves players wondering why he literally took the Hookshot with him to his grave.

Ocarina of time follows Link’s journey to save Hyrule from the destruction that Ganondorf wants his rule to go through. In order to stop Ganondorf, Link needs a collection of tools and the help of sages who are awakened at the end of every temple he completes as an adult. Still, some of the people who help Link are ordinary citizens of Hyrule trying their best to survive.


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Dampé mostly remains alone, in part because he sleeps during the day and presides over the Kakariko village cemetery at night, and this solitude remains a part of his personality when his character is reused in Majora’s Mask. Even when Link is a child, Dampé is in possession of the Clawshot, but it is not possible to obtain it until Link is an adult and Dampé is dead. In order to get the Hookshot, Link must race Dampé’s ghost, and if the player completes the race in less than a minute, they will also receive a Heart Container.

Dampé’s buried treasure is explained in the Keeper’s Journal of Ocarina Of Time

By burying it, the Hookshot has better security than Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of time. The answer to why Dampé buried the Clawshot can be found in the Gravekeeper’s Journal, but only in the version of the text that is displayed when the player reads it as child Link. It says, When I dug a hole, I found an expanding treasure – BOING! and shrinks–BOING! It’s so much fun, I’ll never give it to anyone!Therefore, Dampé buried the Hookshot simply because he didn’t want anyone else to find it and take it from him. Then, while Link was in the Sacred Realm, Dampé decided he would give his treasure to anyone who entered his tomb and beat him in a race.

Although it’s not as dark a game as Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of time has subtly odd elements such as the lone guardian, Dampé. And because it will have a darker tone, more characters from these two games than the happy mask seller are expected to appear in END 2. Dampé could be an interesting character to include and develop in new Zelda titles that aim for a strange and surreal tone given the nature and loneliness of his work in Ocarina of time.

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