When we need a loan, we have many interesting proposals ahead. It is both a loan bank and non-bank, including installment loans. However, before we decide to submit an application, we should read the offers well.

What should you pay special attention to then?

credit score

Borrowing money costs – there is no doubt about it. However, we do not have to pay very much for financial support. What’s more, we can also receive them on terms convenient for us.

That is why we should never decide on the first offer from the edge – then it turns out that only the moment of searching would help us find a much better loan. Of course, we should also remember that not every offer is safe . Therefore, we should know how to recognize a trustworthy loan.

Below we present the main issues to pay attention to when taking a loan – it is worth knowing them!


credit score

A good loan is a safe loan . Unfortunately, without checking the loan company in advance, it may turn out that its offer will really be the beginning of the band of misfortunes. This applies mainly to non-bank offers, but also some banks do not have very good opinions.

Do not take out loans where you are required to make an initial payment, for example to process your application. Do not send text messages to expensive numbers. Always check the opinions about loan companies on the web. Thanks to them, we can protect ourselves against a serious mistake.

Terms of the loan

Terms of the loan

Institutions and loan companies have their specific conditions on which they grant loans to clients. Most often, we can find them on their websites. In most companies, we need fixed income, a positive credit history and Polish citizenship to receive a loan.

In the case of non-bank companies, we do not always have to submit documents confirming revenues. Some also offer loans without BIK, i.e. without client control in the debtors’ databases.

Let’s also pay attention to the time of granting the loan, namely the time of considering the application and transferring money to our account. When we do not want to receive money in the form of a transfer, we look for offers with which we can get them in a different way, such as a check.

Costs related to the loan

Costs related to the loan

We pay special attention not to pay too much for a loan. In the selection of the most attractive offers, we will help you with special online rankings and loan calculators. Thanks to them, we can find out where to borrow money will be the cheapest.

However, we should not rely entirely on such websites – it is always better to visit the loan company website yourself to see what it offers. Sometimes rankings and calculators are simply out of date.

We should also check what additional fees appear in connection with the loan. These include, among others, debt collection fees in the event of non-repayment by the indicated date, fees related to the modification of the terms of the loan or its early repayment.

In summary, when looking for loans, we should always check the offers carefully. Hurry can make us choose an offer that will not meet our expectations and will be more expensive than others!


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