What Sheik Was Really Doing In Ocarina Of Time

Nintendo’s Mysterious Sheik Zelda: Ocarina of Time only appears when Link needs specific knowledge to progress, leaving players to wonder what Sheik is up to when she’s not passing on a new melody to the Hero of Time. In the game, Sheik teaches Link several warp songs, such as the fire bolero which transports him to the entrance of the fire temple in the crater of Death Mountain. It is also she who guides him to unseal the Sages of the Temples and prepare him for the confrontation with Ganondorf. When she first meets Link, she poses as a man and only gives his name, saying she is “the sheikah survivor.”


Although the Sheikah are mentioned in Zelda: Ocarina of Timethey have only been represented as a race in breath of the wildwhich would follow BOTW a great opportunity to bring back Ocarina of timeit’s the sheikh. The Sheikah of Hyrule are the royal bloodline protectors of Hyrule and the founders of Kakariko Village. They are skilled and agile fighters who master hand-to-hand combat, and they have a tradition of passing down legends and knowledge. I am in pain skyward sword says that the Sheikah are the chosen guardians of the goddesses. Professor Shikashi in Ocarina of time says the Sheikah swore loyalty to the King of Hyrule and became the protector of the royal family.

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Sheik is actually Princess Zelda. She hides her very identity from Link, her childhood friend and confidant. In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda disguises herself as a Sheik to hide from Ganondorf, who hunts her for the Triforce of Wisdom in her possession. She stays out of sight when not needed, or researches what Impa, her teacher Sheikah, has taught her, or analyzes her own visions to figure out how best to help Link next. As Link wears the Triforce of Courage, the two wielders of the two remaining pieces of the Triforce shouldn’t stay together in one place for long, especially since Ganandorf knows that Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom shard and the has chased away, and waits for her to do so. show himself to Link. Unless they need to meet face to face, Sheik always watches Link nearby.

Sheik is always one step ahead of Link at the entrances to Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s various dungeons of the Temple, to wait for him and pass on the necessary knowledge to him. She’s unlikely to hang around somewhere like the volcanic entrance to the Fire Temple to wait, so she’s most likely monitoring Link’s progress in secret. Although Sheik, being Zelda, has prophetic dreams, these visions are not at will and are usually cryptic, meaning that all of her knowledge is potentially based on Impa’s Sheikah teachings, or she culminated a wealth of knowledge seven years of sporadic visions. . So it’s possible that whenever she parts ways with Link, she’ll go back to Impa in Kakariko Village for the melodies and knowledge that Link will need – but it’s also possible that she’s already prepared this at the seven years while waiting for Link to return from his sealed slumber. Since Sheik orders Link to begin the quest to free the Sages, she should be able to follow him quietly without revealing herself to anyone. Only the Temple of Time is a place she feels safe enough to linger.

Zelda never explains her whereabouts as Sheik, beyond the fact that the disguise keeps her hidden from Ganondorf. Throughout the tragic history of Zelda: Ocarina of Time When Link is an adult, Sheik probably constantly watches over his childhood friend, but is still unknown to her. It is a painful exacerbation of their loneliness.

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