What musical instrument does he play? What does CM mean?

Since returning to pro wrestling with AEW earlier this year in August, CM Punk hasn’t really had a major feud to get their teeth into, so far. Punk is now in conflict with one of the best heels in all of professional wrestling, MJF.

With The Straight Edge Superstar returning, we’ve decided to take a look at his career and take a look at some facts about the man new fans might not be familiar with.

# 5 What musical instrument does CM Punk play?

CM Punk’s Secret Skill: Playing the Saxophone: D #BITW #GTS http://t.co/X4G1YxP016

Many fans may not know it, but CM Punk plays the saxophone, which he learned in fifth grade. In an interview with WWE.com at the time, Punk explained how he came to play the saxophone:

“I want to say that I started playing in fifth grade. I chose the saxophone because in terms of rental it was the cheapest. I chose a viola, and that was also the wind instrument that most closely resembled the human voice I have I thought it was very interesting. Reading sheet music was the hardest part about it, however. If you were into punk rock in the middle of the ’90s, then there’s a good chance you also like third wave ska music, and dancing in a different way than a hardcore show, says CM Punk.

Punk also revealed that when he was young he played in a local ska band called Hot Stove Jimmy. He was only with the group briefly before being informed by the group members that he was not good enough. Punk wasn’t too put off by that because even back then his goal was to become a professional wrestler.

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