What is your favorite musical instrument?


Students, read the entire article, listen to the 12 song clips, then tell us:

– Do you have a favorite instrument to listen to or play? What attracted you first? What qualities of the instrument touch and move you in a unique way?

– Which of the 12 musical pieces featured in the article did you connect with or appreciate? Has reading guest writers’ descriptions changed the way you think about and hear the piano? If so, tell us about your discoveries and what you liked?

РThe 12 piano pieces selected in the article draw heavily from classical or jazz genres and were written at least 50 years ago. However, many current popular artists of all genres, such as Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, John Legend, Luke Bryan, and Billie Eilish to name a few, play the piano. Many great hits from artists like Adele, Beyonc̩, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar and Khalid also highlight the piano. What are your favorite songs with a piano? Are there any piano songs you would like to add to the list above?

– What are your experiences with the piano? Have you ever played or wanted to play? Does the article make you want to study or listen to the piano more? If you could learn to play any instrument (or a different instrument than the one you already play), what would it be? Why?

– Does your school offer music lessons or programs? Have you ever been involved in one? In your opinion, is music a valuable part of the educational experience? Do you think students should be required to take a music class at some point?

– Go back to the instrument that you consider to be the most central in your life. Now create a playlist of five songs to educate and inspire those who are unfamiliar with your favorite instrument of its magical abilities. Please write down at least one of your choices, using the article as a template. Include the name of the song, the artist, and a brief description of why this piece matters to you.

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