What is the Zelda Swordless Link trick (and how to do it)



Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has a plethora of issues to exploit, including a Swordless Link cheat. Here’s how to do it on N64, GameCube and 3DS.

Since its original release on the N64, gamers have uncovered many hidden details and actionable bugs in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. One of the most popular tricks is to modify the game to create a “Swordless Bond”, which can now run through the game without his precious Kokiri or Master Sword. It’s a weird issue, but comes with a host of weird side effects, ranging from using items while riding Epona to challenging the game’s physics. As there are multiple versions of the game, the process to get Swordless Link are a little different.

Because the Ocarina of time has been heavily mined in the data for tiny details, fans have discovered a lot of removed features and exploitable issues like Swordless Link. There are several methods players can use and most (but not all) of them involve getting to the final battle with Ganon. Still, some methods are certainly easier than others. On the N64, for example, it is possible to lift a corner of the Ocarina of time cartridge (during the course of the game) such that Link himself disappears but the game continues to run, allowing players to bypass Guard Kokiri and enter Hyrule Field without a sword or shield. However, this is not recommended.

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The easiest method for Swordless Link is available on N64 and 3DS versions of Ocarina of time. Players must wait for Ganon to drop the Master Sword from Link’s hands, save their game, then reset it. Once the game has restarted, Link will be back on the first floor of Ganon’s Tower without a sword equipped. This is when some players like to call Epona and exploit the glitch in order to use C items (on the N64) while riding Link’s trusty steed. This is the easiest and best method to get Swordless Link, but there are other methods for other versions of the game.

Other Methods For Swordless Link In Ocarina Of Time

Another method (and one which is much more complicated) is to use The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Items issue. After using this glitch, Link has to play the Sun Song to Move Time and restart the cutscene showing Ganon knocking down the Master Sword. This causes the sword to not be equipped in Link’s inventory. Players can then save and reset their games, and once again Link will reappear on the first floor of the Swordless Ganon Tower.

Different method for Swordless Link glitch can be used in 3DS version of Ocarina of time. First, players will need to unlock Farore’s Wind, a song given to Link by the great fairy of magic. The great fairy of magic can be found in Zora’s fountain by destroying a wall behind Lord Jabu-Jabu. Like the other methods, players will first have to travel to the final battle with Ganon and wait for Ganon to push the main sword back, then use the restricted item issue to play Farore’s Wind and return to an earlier point of warp. It should be noted, however, that the Master Sword will return after players exit and restart the game. This will happen whether the game is saved or not.

Now that Swordless Link has been unlocked, players can exploit a whole new set of sub-issues in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, like running Link in anti-gravity and using Epona as a pack mule. As gamers continue to experience the game, even for a long time after its release, it is possible that more tips and issues will be discovered soon.

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