What is Ocarina and how to get it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives its players access to a wide variety of items that they can use in-game. Most of these items are utility items like the Stone Ax or the DIY Workbench, while while others are decorative objects like the street piano or the trophy case. However, the Ocarina is a unique item in New Horizons since players can obtain this item to play music on their island.

Here’s how players can get the Ocarina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Steps to get the Ocarina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unlike other items in New Horizons, the Ocarina does not require players to make much progress in the game before they can attempt to obtain it. In fact, players can get their hands on the Ocarina quite early in the game.

To do this, players must first visit Timmy and Tommy Nook at Resident Services. There they must buy the DIY for Beginners book, in which they will find the recipe for making the Ocarina. Once they get the recipe, players need to get five clays, which are the only item required to craft the Ocarina.

Players can get clay by hitting rocks with an axe. They should also keep in mind that rocks are a source of many different items, ranging from iron nuggets to clay. Therefore, they may have to try their luck on a number of rocks before they can get the required amount of clay.

Once players have five clays in hand, they can go ahead and craft the Ocarina using the DIY recipe they got from the book. Once crafted, players can see the Ocarina in their inventory. This is also where they can get their hands on it.

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play the ocarina

To use the Ocarina, players must select the item in their inventory and keep it. Once the object is in his hands, the player can play the instrument by pressing the “a” button.

While the notes on the instrument are randomized, players can control whether they want to play longer or shorter notes by holding down the “a” button for longer or shorter periods, respectively.

The Ocarina doesn’t really serve any real purpose in the game; therefore, it’s one of those items that players make just for fun.

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