We review the ocarina of the time of Songbird Ocarinas


Occasionally, when attending conventions, you may stumble upon items that you really want to try, such as an ocarina from Songbird Ocarinas. Almost every convention we attend, we meet this team and see their various ocarina models for sale. So at PAX East we politely asked if we could pick one up to review, which they gave us to do. The one we have is what you would call the standard size. This is a replica of the Ocarina Of Time from the N64 The Legend of Zelda title of the same name. This particular version is called the Kokiri Edition, in a darker powder blue with black holes. This version is made of pure plastic and according to their own information, it is designed to be “ergonomically comfortable, visually accurate and musically pleasing” for those who pick it up for use. It has a decent weight and looks like a regular instrument that you would probably buy from a music store. The adjustment system is designed to resemble an English 6-hole pendant system and is designed to mimic the one you actually see designed on an ocarina in the series.

A little something we picked up from PAX East.

To be clear on where we started, we have musical talent and have played wind instruments before, so we had an idea of ​​what we were doing when we picked it up. That said, there is a major learning curve when it comes to playing this. Simply because of the way your hands are positioned on the ocarina. You are given a small songbook to play familiar tunes, which includes the Song of Time, as well as beautiful runes like Zelda’s Lullaby, Sarina’s Song, Kokiri Forest, Epona’s Song, storms and the song of the market. All with a guide to exactly where to put your fingers, but no real guide to how best to blow for the best melody. Overall, we think the Songbird Ocarinas Ocarina Of Time is a decent replica that you’ll have a lot of fun with. If you have musical prowess, you’ll be able to master this in a heartbeat. But also know that it’s not like a classical instrument. It has the right set of notes that you can locate and play, but you don’t get the same tone as with a flute. It’s a plastic design, and it sounds just like you’d think. But that doesn’t take away from the fun and joy of playing these tunes in a real ocarina.

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