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Simi Valley, United States, February 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Omegasonics, based in Simi Valley, Calif., Announces the launch of its ultrasonic cleaning machines for musical instruments. These machines are manufactured to provide surgical grade cavitation for cleaning copper, percussion and wind instruments.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.omegasonics.com/industry-specialties/musical-instrument-repair-ultrasonic-cleaners

This company’s new product has been designed to provide customers with consistent and repeatable, fast and efficient high-precision part cleaning for different musical instruments. By using these machines, their customers can save a lot in labor costs as well as time. Musical instruments cleaned using these units require minimal disassembly of parts and look new when the process is complete.

Omegasonics is environmentally conscious and believes in the use of safe, solvent-free, water-based cleaning agents. The equipment only requires water and a green soap solution to produce the desired results. The machines are simple and easy to use, and manufactured to the highest safety standards. By using environmentally friendly water-based detergents, Omegasonics ensures that its cleaning units return musical instruments to like-new factory condition with minimal disassembly and time.

According to Omegasonics, an operator can be trained to use their equipment for cleaning in just a few minutes. Ultrasonic technology effectively replaces traditional cleaning methods, which are labor intensive and time consuming. Traditional methods also release harsh chemicals into the environment during the cleaning process.

Omegasonics has an established customer base in various verticals and is currently the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems on the West Coast. They are committed to providing the highest quality products combined with excellent after-sales service to their customers. Besides the multiple standard units they produce, they can retrofit an existing unit or build new custom components that can be added to an existing tank, to perfectly match customer requirements.

Omegasonics manufactures all of its ultrasonic cleaning machines and plug-n-play components in the United States. These units are affordable and provide an environmentally friendly alternative and efficient cleaning option for those who make and repair musical instruments.

For more information, visit their website above. Visit https://www.omegasonics.com/request-a-quote for a quote or call them at + 1-805-583-0875.

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