Two sages from Ocarina of Time probably became best friends

Ocarina of Time shows the importance of bonding through music, and two of its seven wise men bonded over probably its most iconic song.

The Seven Sages restore peace to Hyrule by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but it’s likely that the two of them became best friends through their musical bond. Music plays an extremely important role in Ocarina of time, and one of Link’s favorite childhood songs forms many friendships during his long journey. Link is said to be a connection not only between the game and the player, but also between the many peoples of Hyrule, resulting in unlikely friends in every era.


Ocarina of time highlights how music can form bonds that stand the test of time, and the game’s multitude of tracks have become some of the series’ most iconic songs. Melodies like Zelda’s Lullaby and The Song of Storms are among the most recognizable video game songs of all time, both of which made their first appearances in The Legend of Zelda most musical title. However, Ocarina of Time’s by far the most memorable tune is Saria’s Song, the theme that plays in Lost Woods throughout the Zelda series.

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Why Saria and Darunia Probably Became Friends in Ocarina of Time


Saria, the Sage of the Forest of Ocarina of time, was Link’s closest friend during his childhood in Kokiri Forest. During Link’s quest, however, Saria and the other sages were left behind to protect the Holy Realm, giving them plenty of time to get to know each other. Zelda fans are sure to feel nostalgic every time Saria’s Song plays, but one of Ocarina of Time’s other Sages probably became Saria’s biggest fan.

Darunia, the leader of the Gorons and the Fire Sage of Ocarina of time, is known to be a great music lover. When Link first meets him in Goron City, he refuses to speak until Link can find a way to ease his temper. Luckily, the other Gorons tell Link about Darunia’s love for music, revealing that her favorite track is none other than Saria’s Song.

Ocarina of Time’s Lost Woods are connected to Death Mountain, allowing Saria’s Song to echo through its underground tunnels for the Gorons to hear.

Saria’s song instantly changes Darunia’s mood when he hears it, making him get up and dance with a big smile on his face. Surely, Darunia’s overwhelmingly positive reaction to hearing her favorite song would suggest that the chance to speak with Ocarina of Time’s The composer Kokiri would also delight him. He and Saria would probably have become good friends after finally meeting at Ocarina of Time’s Sacred Realm, giving them plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company with music and dancing.

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