This N64 ROM hack turns Zelda: Ocarina Of Time into a new Star Fox adventure

The star fox the series hasn’t received Nintendo’s best love over the years. With the popularity of Star Fox 64, fans expected a brand new 3D rail shooter on the N64’s successor, the GameCube. Instead, then-Nintendo collaborator Rare created something fans weren’t expecting – Star Fox Adventures, a fully 3D action-adventure game in the style of the Zelda series.

These days, Rare’s latest Nintendo title (and its only GameCube game) is viewed with great affection despite its stark difference from the first two games in the Star Fox series. So lovingly, in fact, that the fan community has created something truly spectacular, inspired by Fox McCloud’s adventure.

The well-known retro modder Zel. – who was also part of a group that created a playable version of Space World ’97’s Ocarina of Time – created a ROM hack that turns The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into a new Star Fox Adventures game.

This dream sequel (or prequel?) is called Star Fox Conquest, and it follows Fox McCloud after he crash-landed on a whole new planet. Armed with a sword and shield, a hammer and his blaster, Fox must explore this planet. While Ocarina of Time serves as the basis for the game, the code used to create the ROM hack has changed and optimized far beyond the original cartridge.

The trailer contains some remnants of the Zelda game that served as the basis for the mod. Fox encounters a Deku Scrub-like creature that he smashes with his hammer, fairies and the music even sounds like it’s straight out of a Zelda game – but the music is all original! twitter user Syeowho is credited at the end, helped Fox get one of his new weapons.

Zel. revealed in April that he had been working on Star Fox Conquest since before the start of the year and shared some small updates in preparation for the official announcement of the ROM hack.

From this handful of screenshots, you can see how far the game has progressed. Many Fox sounds will be taken from Star Fox Adventures, but Zel. said he could also use a mix of stings from other games.

The full ROM hack is due out this year, and my goodness, we’re excited to see what a potential Star Fox Adventures sequel will look like.

Let us know if you’re a fan of Fox’s GameCube release as well as what you think of this ROM hack in the comments!

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