The province creates the group, allowing singing and wind instruments in schools

Students will soon be able to sing their own horns after the latest provincial announcement for bands and choirs.

A bulletin sent by the Ministry of Education allows schools to resume indoor singing and payment for instruments in regular music lessons.

Wind instruments and horns may be used in the classroom or in extracurricular activities as long as there are no more than 25 people including teachers/staff in the area. Participants should be two meters apart, starting from the length of the instrument. The province says the instruments must be cleaned after each use.

“All other public health measures should also be followed, including frequent hand washing and wearing of masks,” the bulletin said.

If spacing is not possible, classes can use plexiglass or other barriers. They must be cleaned and disinfected after each practice.

“These measures were developed in consultation with the Manitoba Music Educators’ Association (MMEA) and the Association of Music Administrators of Manitoba (AMAM). The Department of Education would like to thank MMEA and AMAM for their cooperation and advocacy on behalf of Manitoba students. .”

Concerts may not take place at this time. The Department of Education says that if public health orders allow in-person concerts, school recommendations will be changed to allow them as well.

The ministry asks educators to consider the following guides:

  • people in the room who are not singing/playing instruments should be at least two meters away from the performers, or farther if possible, and should wear a mask at all times
  • wind and brass instruments should not be shared among students, if possible. If it is necessary to share them for reasons of fairness, the instruments must be thoroughly cleaned between each use
  • students should empty the spit taps when no one else is around. If this is not possible, students should empty the hourglass taps while maintaining a physical distance of two meters and ensuring that others wear masks
  • equipment and materials such as sheet music, music stands, etc. should not be shared between students
  • the room used for music should have a well-functioning ventilation system. School staff should check that the air exchange system is working properly
  • when weather permits, teachers should consider giving music lessons outdoors, if possible
  • students should be arranged facing each other in straight, staggered lines in the band and choir, and should be slightly apart when singing or playing wind instruments

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