The phyllo flutes baked at Anonymous Cafe in Houston

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I’m usually the one who sniffs out new restaurants and drag my friends over for a taste, but this week it was my friend Paula who suggested a curious new place that wasn’t even on my radar. Anonymous, a cafe bar and Greek restaurant located on quiet Norfolk Street off the busy Kirby Drive, is an oasis in Upper Kirby. As soon as I walked into the bright, attractive space with crisp white walls contrasting with dark exposed brickwork and French country dining tables topped with fresh flowers, I knew I was going to love it.

The dining room at Anonymous Cafe is filled with natural light.

Megha McSwain

Memories of indulging in spanokopita (spinach pie) and tiropita (cheese pie) daily during my visit to Greece before the pandemic hit me. That day, I opted for a spinach pie and the restaurant’s dish of the day, a platter of baked phyllo flutes filled with tuna, celery and herbs. The special came with a big helping of risotto, pita triangles with a side of tzatziki and a Greek salad, all for $14.95, a welcome alternative to my usual $15 salad from Salata or Barnaby’s.

The phyllo flutes were the size of a tamale and a perforation in their flaky, golden exterior revealed the savory tuna filling. A havoc of all the components of the plate ensued, followed by an attempt to finish the spiral-shaped spinach pie, which struck the right balance of creamy spinach and doughy shell.

Anonymous Cafe is a hidden gem in Upper Kirby.

Anonymous Cafe is a hidden gem in Upper Kirby.

Megha McSwain

What else?

Beyond its traditional Greek dishes, Anonymous also offers breakfast dishes available until late in the afternoon and an impressive selection of pastries. I didn’t have room for dessert on this visit, as I completely indulged in phyllo flutes and spinach pie (not to mention I had a slice of cake in the office before arriving), but I was wide-eyed in the restaurant. selection of four-quarters. An entire display case is dedicated to displaying iced breads, non-iced breads, chocolate and nut-filled varieties. For that reason and more, I predict that this Upper Kirby gem probably won’t remain anonymous for long.

anonymous cafe

Find it: 3701 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098; (713) 515-6551
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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