The Missing Link is a fan-created sequel to Ocarina of Time •


With a Harry Potter Object Mechanic.

Everyone knows Majora’s Mask is a sequel to Ocarina of Time, but what happened between the two games? The fan-made Zelda: The Missing Link brings the two stories together, via a little game created in the Ocarina engine (thanks, Kotaku).

Several new items appear – the most interesting of which is a magic hourglass (no, nothing to do with the ghost). It allows Link to go back in time 10 seconds to solve puzzles, all of which sound very trapped in Azkaban.

Really what he does is follow Link’s position and bring him back to where he was standing 10 seconds ago. This means you can jump in to flip a switch without getting up anyway – except by time traveling to where you stood before, the door now opens.

Is it time travel? Or rather a TARDIS? I am not sure.

Regardless, a lot of love has clearly been poured into this project, from all the dialogue and new music, to little touches such as a darker Kokiri Forest (as it takes place after the disappearance of the Mojo tree).

This is all the work of the talented modder Kaze Emanuar and a small team. You can see him play in the video below.

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