The man from Chhattisgarh makes swinging bamboo flutes. Watch viral videos

A man from Narayanpur district in Chhattisgarh impressed social media with his swinging bamboo flutes. Have you ever heard of such an instrument? The People’s Archives of Rural India released a short clip featuring Maniram Mandawi as he elaborated on the concept of creating oscillating flutes.

These flutes play music as you swing them through the air. Maniram, a flute maker from the Gond Adivasi community, said oscillating flutes are used not only to produce music, but also to ward off wild animals as they move through the forests.

“Our oscillating flutes are used to produce music. They are also used by people to ward off animals such as tigers, cheetahs and bears when we go to the ghotuls (traditional dormitories in some Adivasis communities) through the forest. If you swing these streamers, the animals will stay away, ”Maniram said in the video.

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How are the flutes made?

People’s Archives of Rural India said, “In his workshop, he cuts the bamboo to measure, smoothing it and chiseling it, then using a heating tool to etch floral and geometric patterns, creating light and dark patterns on the surface. flute with heat. “

In a separate video, Maniram was rather emotional talking about the shrinking forests. “The jungle used to be full of tall trees. There are no longer any tall trees. It’s going to be difficult to keep making oscillating flutes.”

The clips went viral on social media and garnered thousands of likes. Social media users shared their thoughts in the comments section.

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