The best cocktail glasses for your home, from champagne flutes to tumblers

Summer is fast approaching and we can’t *wait* to be sitting in our gardens with our best friends sipping cocktails and enjoying barbecues. Whether your drink of choice is gin-based, rum-based, vodka-based, or you just like to jazz up a Diet Coke, you’re going to want to feel and look the part when you’re sitting in the sun. in your oversized sunglasses for your 475th barbecue of the season.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best cocktail glasses for you to enjoy your Negroni, Martini or Aperol Spritz in style. Goblets, flutes and coupes, you will be well prepared for a summer of sangrias.

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We’re just *a little* obsessed with these, and it’s no wonder they’ve been all over your Instagram for weeks. Amsterdam-based homeware brand Klevering is finally bringing the products to the UK, and we couldn’t be happier.

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Hand blown colored wavy blown glass

Our dining table


These mouth-blown glasses make a great gift for a friend (or yourself), and they can also be used for coffee if you’re not in the boozy mood. They are available in green, brown, blue and transparent.

how much do you get? 2


Rosado Pink Stemless Gin Glasses

This color is *everything*. Catch us in kimono drinking gin fizz all afternoon and listening to Florence & The Machine.

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Ariele Gold Martini cocktail glasses

The height of sophistication, you’ll feel like you’re on a James Bond set when you sip a Martini from one of these glasses.

Tip: Leave the olives in there to remember how many you ate.

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Romantic Highball Glass

It’s all in the name. These highballs are super romantic and would be perfect for a rose gin cocktail with the girls.

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Handmade wavy crystal whiskey glasses



These glasses are so perfect for gin and tonic it feels like summer already. Plus, with the two glasses you get two metal straws, a bar spoon and a measuring cup. A bargain at £24.

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Wildflower Glass Carafe


The details on it are just the cutest thing! We just imagine sitting on a crocheted blanket in the back garden, surrounded by daisies and drinking Pimm’s. Happiness.

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Rialto Hand Finished Glass Old Fashioned Tumblers Set of Two



The entire SIR/MADAM range features classic shapes in unusual and very stunning colors, from those inky blue glasses to peach goblets and emerald tumblers and sand yellow water glasses.

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Pineapple Stackable Glass Tumblers

Aren’t these the cutest, most Instagrammable glasses you’ve ever seen? Pour a delicious rum punch into these babies and have a summer photo shoot with your friends.

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Pineapple Stackable Glass Tumblers

We couldn’t decide which pineapple glasses to choose, so we chose both. You’re welcome.

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Obviously, LSA is the expert when it comes to glassware, and these champagne flutes (left) are perfect for that elegant yet understated vibe.

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These tiki glasses would be perfect for a tropical themed summer party. We love the quirky design and at £8 a glass we’d say they really are a bargain.

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Island Paradise Wine Glasses

If the priority is cheap and cheerful, but you also don’t want to compromise on quality, these B&M Island Paradise glasses will suit you perfectly. All the elegance without the unnecessary price.

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Lunar Oceans Moscow Mule Mug and Straw

Lunar oceans


The classiest camping goggles we’ve ever seen. Jokes aside, these cocktail glasses are gaining in aesthetics and practicality. Comes with a straw, a handle and in a beautiful matte black, it’s a modernist’s dream.

You can also get them in a nice matte gold.

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Yvonne Ellen Tiger Whiskey Glass

With a super fun design and gold rim, this highball glass is giving us mega vintage vibes.

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Violet Claro Champagne Saucers

If it’s sparkling, it’ll look pretty in these delicate lilac-tinted glasses.

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Zen Amber Goblet Glass

We absolutely love the color of this tumbler. And at just two whole pounds, you certainly won’t be breaking the bank buying a full set.

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Textured luminous glasses


When you pour liquid into these cocktail glasses, they light up. Yes, you heard right. Perfect for summer evenings that stretch into the night, these glasses have LED lights, which are sure to be a talking point if small talk starts to dwindle.

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