Teacher suspected of tampering with flutes at capo schools arrested

LOS ANGELES, CA – Federal authorities on Thursday arrested a prominent Southern California music teacher for allegedly attacking children. The suspect, John Edward Zeretzke, is the same teacher who caused an uproar in the Unified School District of Capistrano last year when authorities were forced to send letters home to parents warning them that Zeretzke may have infected flutes used by students with sperm.

According to the US Department of Justice, the Ventura resident, 60, was arrested Thursday without incident for allegedly coercing and attempting to coerce children into sending him pornographic photos of themselves and for surrendering to Philippines with intent to engage in illicit activity. sexual conduct with other underage victims. None of the victims in this case are in Southern California, and the indictment makes no reference to the contaminated streamers.

Zeretzke had contracted with many school districts for a program called “Flutes Across The World”, in which children made and decorated flutes from PVC pipes. Warnings of potentially contaminated flutes have been sent to families in Los Angeles Unified, Saugus Union, Capistrano Unified, Fountain Valley, Culver City, Newport-Mesa and Fullerton school districts.

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“As part of this program, the students may have received a flute made of PVC plastic pipes and a single cork that they could decorate. Today we also consulted with law enforcement and were advised that these flutes may have been inappropriately contaminated with the suspect bodily fluid, “Capistrano Unified’s parents warned in a letter last year.” As a precaution, we ask all families who have been able to have children participating in this type of program, whether at school or in the community, remove these flutes from your child’s possession and place them in a sealed paper bag.

Thursday’s indictment makes no reference to the flutes, and investigators have never announced whether it was determined that the musical instruments were contaminated.

Find out what’s happening in San Juan Capistrano with free real-time Patch updates.

According to federal investigators, Zeretzke coerced a young girl into producing child pornography, he attempted to entice another victim to send him sexually explicit images, he traveled to the Philippines with the intention of engaging in illicit sexual behavior with children, and he has twice received child pornography. On the Internet.

If found guilty, Zeretzke could face 15 years in life in prison.

Capistrano Unified School District photo

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