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Often considered one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is clearly one of Nintendo’s crown jewels. The triumph of good over evil in Ocarina of time is a tale as old as time, with a bit of time travel. When many players think of a Zelda adventure, Ocarina of time might come to mind. Many of the standards a Zelda game were established, or cemented, by this episode of the series. Open worlds, vast dungeons, golden goddesses with the Triforce, sages, Ganondorf and many more were all part of the impact of the game.

Even more, Ocarina of time continued to revitalize interest in the franchise. Several fans will point to the game to say it’s the best of the series, and it consistently pops up in fan culture, from fan art to inspiring even. Zelda– themed rings for birthdays. That being said, there has been a lot of discussion among fans about which is older. Zelda the games should be brought to the Switch. But Nintendo really doesn’t need to bring the Hero of Time story to Switch just yet.

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Ocarina of Time isn’t the end of everything Zelda

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Originally released in 1998 for the N64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the franchise’s first entry to be 3D. It’s an incredibly important game for the series, solidifying many of the Zelda previously mentioned standards, and eventually becoming part of the official calendar for THE Legend of Zelda series. According to the “result” of Ocarina of time, the once-simplified timeline of the series splits into three different paths. There’s the dark timeline where the hero is defeated, the adult timeline that leaves the world without the hero, and the child timeline where Ganondorf is banished to the Twilight Realm.

However, Ocarina of time does not need to be Nintendo’s Skyrim. It doesn’t have to be a game that Nintendo carries across all available consoles, because it is a successful game. The range of games available in the Zelda series is also far superior to what is currently in Ancient scrolls series. Few years later Ocarina of timeUpon initial release, the game ended up receiving a port to the GameCube and iQue Player, a Chinese game console. Eventually, an improved port for the Nintendo 3DS was released in 2011, and the game appeared on the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles. While that’s not to say Ocarina of time should never be worn again, it is not essential to have it on the Switch.

There are a lot of installments in the set Zelda series important for its history and popular among fans. With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD heading to the Switch this summer, more fans will be able to experience the first story in the series’ fictional timeline. The awakening of the wind is another game in the series that will often emerge as a fan favorite. Regarding 2D games, A link to the past and his spiritual successor a link between worlds are excellent games in the series. While Ocarina of time is definitely a major game for the series, and for Nintendo, fans don’t need to enjoy playing Zelda.

Ocarina of time may be one of the best-selling entries in the series, but a port on the switch doesn’t mean it will sell as well. If Nintendo is looking for the best ways to increase sales in the future Zelda games and Nintendo Switch, creating new content is the way to go. Millions of fans love it THE Legend of Zelda series, and it will continue for many years to come. There will be fans who tire of the constant remakes and remasters, and others who love them. Either way, the series will be able to continue to grow with each new entry. Moreover, not all Zelda games need a huge 3D open world from now on. Nintendo could also create a whole new 2D Zelda games for fans.

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Other Zelda games deserve ports too

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While each The Legend of Zelda fan has their favorite game in the series, most will agree that others Zelda games should also have ports. Games like The Minish cap, the Oracle duology, Wind waker, and Twilight Princess could all be brought back to life, so to speak, on the Nintendo Switch. Fans would be interested, especially if some games like The Minish cap have been completely redesigned, and not just ported to a virtual console. A recent example is Grezzo’s work on the Link’s Awakening remake, which showcased the old 1993 title in a whole new way.

2021 being the 35th anniversary of the series, fans are clamoring for some sort of Zelda collection of anthologies to be released on Switch. Games like Ghost hourglass and Spirit tracks are supposed to get Switch ports, and would bring the post-Wind waker adventures to a new audience. It is also possible that Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD could be bundled as a Switch port, as these are the most recent remasters before the next one Skyward Sword HD. If Nintendo continues its trend of bringing remakes, HD remasters, and Virtual Console ports to the Switch, there are certainly plenty of options to consider.

All in all, there is always the possibility that Ocarina of time could be released for the Switch as part of Zelda35th anniversary of. It could even be paired with Majora’s Mask, since the two are related to begin with, and both have received Nintendo 3DS versions. In all fairness, if Nintendo wants to position the Switch as the best console in the business, then it can try to deliver as many hit games from its flagship series as possible. It wouldn’t hurt to bring Ocarina of time to the Switch one way or another, but that’s not the most important thing for Nintendo to do right now. With millions of fans waiting for more news and the eventual release of the sequel to Wild breath, Nintendo should focus more on this game for now.

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