Skyward Sword HD Director Has Weird Connection With Ocarina Of Time


Gaepora is the director of the Skyward Sword Knights Academy. Her name and physical appearance inspire comparisons to a character in Ocarina of Time.

Weird and unexpected bonds are woven throughout THE Legend of Zelda. It’s a franchise with a dense history, one that has only gotten denser as its timeline grows more complicated and started to span hundreds of thousands of years. Skyward Sword HD is located at the very beginning of the Zelda chronology and even precedes the founding of Hyrule. It serves as the origin story for Hyrule and the curse that hangs over the earth. So, surprisingly or not, the director of Knight Academy has some bizarre connection to a Sage in Ocarina of time.

Gaepora is Zelda’s father and the director of the Skyloft Knights Academy, where Link and Zelda both study. He ends up being of immense help to Link as the action of the game progresses and turns out to have a vast knowledge of the legends of Skyloft. With his helpful tips on Link’s journey, Gaepora plays a similar role to Kaepora Gaebora, the giant owl of Ocarina of time, Majora’s Mask, and Four swords adventures.

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Kaepora Gaebora’s own story is complicated, as he is Rauru, the Sage of Light, in an alternate form. Rauru is the one who builds the Temple of Time, in order to protect the Triforce with the Temple of Light within. He built the Temple of Time on the ruins of the Sealed Temple, of Skyward sword, which had been destroyed in a brutal and ongoing war. Rauru stays in the Temple of Light to protect the Triforce, and only leaves to watch over Link in his owl form.

Why Rauru could be an incarnation of Gaepora

Rauru, Kaebora Gaebora and Gaebora all together in Zelda's Time Temple

The physical resemblance between Gaepora and Rauru, and Gaepora and Kaepora Gaebora in turn, is hard to miss. In particular, Gaepora’s and Kaepora Garbora’s eyebrows look a lot alike, as well as Rauru’s upturned mustache. Gaepora’s nose, too, looks noticeably like a beak. His laughter equals, “Hoo hoo hoo! », Which openly invites the parallel to Ocarina of timethe owl. The names of the trio also share an obvious resemblance, but their similarity runs even deeper when you look at the Japanese. The only difference between the words “Gaepora” (ゲ ポ ラ), “Kaepora” (ケ ポ ラ) and “Gaebora” (ゲ ボ ラ) is the presence or absence of a tent. A tenten is a mark next to a hiragana or katakana character, which changes its sound if it is present. In this case, the tenten changes “kae” to “gae” or “po” to “bo”.

Rauru is likely the reincarnation of Gaepora, according to this evidence. THE Legend of Zelda raised the issue of reincarnation elsewhere, especially when it comes to cosmically important people. In Skyward sword, for example, [spoiler] Zelda is revealed to be a reincarnation of the goddess Hylia. So Ocarina of timeThe spooky owl could certainly be the reincarnation of Skyward sword‘s Sage-like director.

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