Skyrim Mod mixes Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Elder Scrolls

Relics of Hyrule is a huge user-friendly mod for Skyrim that tasks players with discovering the fate of the forgotten kingdom of Hyrule.

Long after its release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s The incredibly active modding community continues to deliver new and fresh experiences. Mods continue to get bigger and more ambitious, especially when it comes to those that aim to incorporate content from other games. Such is the case with Hyrule Relicsan incredibly creative mod that aims to bring various objects from The Legend of Zelda series to Skyrimwhile remaining respectful of traditions.

Without going into spoilers, Hyrule Relics explores the concept of the lands of Skyrim and Hyrule being linked in some way. Much of the mod’s lore is open to interpretation and is deliberately kept fairly vague. Players will find out early on that Hyrule has been attacked by Alduin and the Hero of Time since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time couldn’t defeat him. The Hero of Time is one of four main characters who deliver knowledge to the player through books scattered throughout Skyrim.

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The master sword from an Elder Scrolls 5 mod, called Relics of Hyrule

It’s also pointed out pretty early on that there’s no real way to save Hyrule. It’s pretty obvious that Hyrule has been destroyed and the best the Dragonborn can do is avenge Hyrule by defeating Alduin. Death is the main theme of Hyrule Relicsand this is something that most books and journals will explore, giving multiple different viewpoints and interpretations.

The mod adds a ton of unique locations and dungeons designed to look like those in Hyrule. Custom Dungeons are a refreshing change from Skyrimby default as they take a lot of design notes from Zeldathe dungeons. There are many secrets in Hyrule Relics, many of which involve puzzles to uncover more loot and rewards. Dungeon progression is also similar, as players will need to use boss keys to progress deeper.

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Hyrule Relicsdungeons strike a happy medium between Skyrim and by Zelda gameplay, feel right at home with both styles of gameplay in mind. The same goes for the relics of Hyrule that players will discover, although many of them have had their mechanics changed in order to work in Skyrim. Yet objects like the Master Sword and the Ocarina of Time are easily recognizable and comparable to their Zelda equivalents.

These items can appear in slots added by the mod or in base game slots. There are no quest lines that will guide players to these, although there are many ways the mod still guides players to its content. For example, a chest in Riverwood will give players the first of many forgotten notes that will give them brief directions to some of the main locations in the game.

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A forgotten note from The Elder Scrols 5 Skyrim mod, Relics of Hyrule

Apart from Forgotten Notes, different colored fairies will appear next to slots containing items of Hyrule Relics. If players want to focus on finding everything the mod has to offer, they can easily find out where the modded content and other secrets are. There are also several items that help guide players to certain locations, though they’ll have to find them on their own first.

Although players should not expect to see characters from the Zelda physically appear in the game, many enemies of the games populate the dungeons. Most of these enemies act as variants of Skyrim enemies like Draugr and Daedra. Some have unique abilities to make them a bit more accurate to their Zelda versions, such as the Draugr-type Redeads having a stun cry.

Zelda fans should find a lot of fun in this mod, as it does an amazing job of blending the worlds of Skyrim and Hyrule while still staying true to the lore of both. It does not encroach on a normal Skyrim neither does the playthrough, easily intertwining with the base game locations. In many ways, Hyrule Relics is an expertly crafted mod that is seriously underrated when it comes to Skyrim mods. Zelda fans absolutely must give Hyrule Relics A try.

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