Russ brings all wind instruments to the fore in “The Flute Song” video


Russ gives his visual review of “The Flute”.

The first single from Russ’s upcoming project ZOO, “The Flute Song” is now an elaborate music video. The Eternal Outsider completes his “horizon view” with a flute line of performers, row upon row of such. Scott Storch’s flute production is on the nose to begin with, then Russ completes the score by enlisting “actors” flautists to piece together the melody.

In all fairness, Russ is about a year behind at the Flute Party, which has seen artists like Kodak Black, 21 Savage, and Future all score their greatest hits under the trance of a flute spell, a phenomenon that we voluntarily endured until the guitar recovered. a little bit of land. Russ’s “The Flute Song” marks the second collaboration between the two artists. Storch is hoping the debate surrounding his demise and his personal finances ends, in the same way Russ has been busy deflecting criticism that he’s somehow ungrateful.

The video is directed by Edgar Esteves, with whom he works almost exclusively on all of his video drops. Esteves also directed PnB Rock’s “Trust Issues,” which also features Russ in a revised version that will be released a year after the original was released on World Star.

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