Phantom Ganon is the coolest Ganon design in Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time featured the series’ most imposing version of villain Ganon to date in the Phantom Ganon boss of the Forest Temple.

One of the many things that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time did commendably right to introduce the most imposing version of the traditional series villain Ganon so far in his forest temple boss, Phantom Ganon. Ganon may not be as iconic, at least in the modern age Zelda, as his human form (specifically Gerudo) forms Ganondorf, but this may partly be due to his monstrous and bestial nature, causing him to lack a cohesive design. Individual Ganons are therefore likely to be a Zelda fan favorite more than the idea of ​​the character as a whole – and it’s impossible to blame them if their choice is Ocarina Ghost Ganon.


There are a few overarching design conventions that any iteration of Ganon is almost guaranteed to reflect. He looks like a humanoid boar in the original Legend of Zelda on the NES (and now Nintendo Switch) and would do so again in most subsequent appearances, though his porcine characteristics were lesser in the initial form of his Ocarina the appearance of the final boss and its original manifestation Demise, which looks more like ogres.

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While his incarnations of Phantom Ganon in Ocarina and The Wind Waker wear horned headdresses evoking the shape of other Ganons’ tusks, they deviate the most from expectations for the character, and the former is incredibly striking for her. Whereas Wind Waker‘s Phantom Ganon is a relatively simple dark figure, OcarinaThe boss dons a mask like a deformed, snarling skull as well as spiked black armor that he shares with his horse, along with his blazing orange eyes. Where the horns on the ghost bar Link and his friends face each other Wind Waker give it the appearance of a headgear associated with the Vikings, those that protrude from OcarinaThe mask gives the villain a face as reminiscent of a demon as a specter. Phantom Ganon’s evil and frightening appearance allows him to succeed as the perfect boss for the twisted, ghost-filled forest temple in which he appears.

Ocarina of Time Features Zelda’s Scariest Take on Ganon

While not nearly as difficult to fight, players will likely find that he makes an even stronger impression than the previously mentioned version of Ganon Link when facing the game’s climax. imposing as a late game boss (and among the best The Legend of Zelda boss battles to actually play), he’s still sticking enough to the formulas that he and his combat are likely to linger in the mind less distinctly than they might.

Long-running franchises have their lore, but while fun to follow and watch evolve, they’re bound to wear down their welcome without at least the occasional twist. breath of the wild deviated from the design standards expected of Ganon in its mannerisms. However, the series reached a point of perfection in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Phantom Ganon’s recognizable vibe and unique appearance that he could look back on in the future.

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