‘Pawn Star’ helps locate man linked to flute and clarinet theft, police say


Dane County Sheriff’s Office
Marcus Pennie

A Madison man was arrested Wednesday after an employee of the Madison Police Department located him for allegedly selling stolen musical instruments to a local pawnshop, according to a statement.

The civilian employee, known to detectives as the “pawn star,” tracks activities at local thrift stores and pawn shops, officials said.

Heid Music at 7948 Tree Lane has been robbed four times recently, the statement said. The thieves stole three flutes and a clarinet, valued at over $ 10,000.

The pawn star discovered that three of the instruments had been sold to pawn shops in the area, which helped police track down a senior co-conspirator in instrument theft, Marcus M. Pennie, 41, of Madison, officials said.

Pennie had previously been arrested by another agency and was in Dane County Jail, the statement said.

He now faces provisional charges of retail theft by misrepresentation.

Police expect to make another arrest for theft of musical instruments.

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