Opening of the ASONE musical instrument store in Redruth for hire in Cornwall

A music shop in Redruth has opened Cornwall’s ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, which has over 5,000 musical instruments for the whole county to hire.

Audience members will be able to rent almost any musical instrument for up to a year, while accessing other music grants for eligible children and families.

At the ASONE musical instrument store based in Redruth, over 5,000 instruments of all kinds are available and the team not only hire out the instruments, but service and clean each instrument when it is returned.

Hire costs between £28 and £50 per school term with a delivery charge of £15 per instrument to anywhere in Cornwall. and flutes and brass instruments such as trumpets, trombones, cornets, tubas, French horns and euphoniums. Other options include guitars, drums and samba sets, as well as sound systems.

Any rental of instruments is subject to availability, priority being given to children and schools, and the income generated will be invested in the purchase of new instruments, of the type most demanded by the market.

Cindy Dalgleish, Founding Director of ASONE Perform CIC, said: “The ASONE hub is a consortium of national and local organizations including Falmouth University, MusicAbility CIC, Music for Good, Cornwall Music Service Trust, Livewire Youth Music, Cornwall Museums Partnership and nearly 100 other Cornish music education providers and music industry professionals.

“We want to continue the brilliant work of the Hub team, but also expand the previous offering with the addition of a new set of direct opportunities from the contemporary and popular music industry.”

Cindy continued: “We want everyone in Cornwall to know about this vast and amazing ‘library’ of Cornish musical instruments. Over 5,000 instruments are available to EVERY person in the county, for one very small rental price, and making it available now will ensure that everyone here knows they have the opportunity to try either new option. of musical learning, or perhaps to choose an instrument. they have played in the past.

“With the general public also renting our instruments, we will be able to further subsidize the work of our schools while knowing which instruments are most in demand, and being able to tailor the supply of store content to Transcornwall’s musical needs.”

There is also a range of accessible music options, including ‘Skoogs’ for hire. Skoogs are a new musical instrument designed to empower those who cannot play traditional instruments and are a soft, squeezable cube that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. Instruments can be rented individually or in groups. J

This means that local community groups, or bands, can rent a set of instruments for a specific gig or gig. Additionally, students receiving free school meals, foster children, and children from service families can also apply for a 50% subsidy on their instrument rental costs.

The music store itself is not open to the public and all rentals are through the website. Those interested in learning more or hiring an instrument for themselves should access the ASONE website at: or by contacting the Instrument Manager via email at the address [email protected]

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