Ocarina Of Time’s Kokiri Shop Makes No Sense

From the height of the counter and the shelf to the girl on the awning, the only shop Link has to visit in Ocarina of Time is absurdly designed.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has a store run by the Kokiri, but it was not designed for them. For game design and story progression reasons, the shop exists as a way for Link to obtain the Deku Shield and demonstrate how to use rubies. In terms of style, the boutique design is not suitable for a race that maintains a child’s shape.

The Kokiri are one of several races that Link encounters in Ocarina of time. As long as they remain in the forest under the protection of the Great Deku Tree, the Kokiri will not age. Instead, their mark of maturity has just received a fairy who will be their partner and help them. Link doesn’t have an endless childhood like the Kokiri, but he’s at least lucky enough to have a normal one thanks to Zelda in Ocarina of time.


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Before Link is allowed to encounter the Great Deku Tree, he needs the Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield. While the sword can be found, Link must purchase the Mojo Shield from the only store in Kokiri Forest. Unfortunately for the shopkeeper there, he has to jump to see his customers on the other side of the counter.

Ocarina Of Time’s Kokiri Shop Is Made For Hylians

Several aspects of the Kokiri Shop are odd. Chief among them is the fact that the counter and shelves with items are higher than Kokiri can reach. There is also a Kokiri girl on the awning outside the store who greets Link, but does not appear to be an employee. These features are part of the Ocarina of time HD version also. This could be due to timing issues causing the design team to use the same assets for stores with different skins instead of shaping the interior to be appropriate for the store, but the Kokiri store is the only Link is required to go to complete the game, so it would only make sense that he received some extra time from the developers.

Ocarina of time is a classic Zelda game that’s not all Zelda fans may have had a chance to play. Even though most games follow the same story pattern focusing on a hero’s journey to save the earth, and even have recurring characters, each game has features that make it unique. Moreover, a lot of Zelda games have their own little quirks like the Kokiri shop at Ocarina of time.

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