Ocarina Of Time’s Hyrule Castle Is Absolutely Useless

Ocarina of Time’s version of Hyrule Castle has many security issues, both in its design as a fortress and in the skill of its staff.

Hyrule Castle is a place of central importance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but it fails to be the stronghold it is meant to be. The castle is home to Hyrule’s royal family and is the seat of its monarchical government, but it is misplaced in the surrounding landscape and has a history of intrusions with only ineffective measures taken to address these issues. Of all the Hyrule castles in The Legend of ZeldaOcarina of Time is perhaps the most poorly designed and least equipped.


As far as a defensible position goes, the castle itself isn’t terrible. It’s quite small, especially in comparison to the Hyrule Castles of Twilight Princess and breath of the wild, but the whole outer wall seems to have a parapet for the archers. It also has only one gate and a moat surrounding it. The biggest problem is that it was built in the wrong place. Building a castle in a valley can have its advantages, but certainly not such a small valley. Building Hyrule Castle on one of the surrounding hills would have been a better option than where it currently stands. These same hills can be used to easily break through the exterior wall.

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The gameplay itself highlights another glaring issue with Hyrule Castle’s design flaws in Ocarina of time. Link, raised as a Kokiri in Ocarina without any conceivable understanding of how to infiltrate a castle, was able to enter inner courtyards by crawling through what is essentially a drainpipe. Even the Helm’s Deep culvert in The Lord of the Rings had a grid on it. All it took was one well-placed crate to get a literal child across the moat and into the castle.

Hyrule Castle guards can’t adapt

Even more baffling, Link’s penetration of the castle walls is the second palace invasion in recent memory, not to mention that the castle falls under Ganon’s power halfway through. Ocarina of time. The Hylians of Castle Town discuss tightening the castle’s security after a man tries to sneak in and see Princess Zelda. Link can actually talk to the culprit, a juggler in a blue shirt, who reveals that he got past the guards, but got stuck in a sewer on the east side of the castle (the Hylian army hopes better than the invaders n don’t have small soldiers). Even with the guards on high alert, Link is able to sneak past more than a dozen.

In addition to its design flaws, the guards at Hyrule Castle seem sloppy. Talon brings a delivery of milk from Lon Lon Ranch and falls asleep next to a side door. The guards must not keep track of who comes and goes, as they fail to evict Talon until Link arrives and wakes him up with a freshly hatched peekaboo, Zelda‘s chickens with violent inclinations. Also, once Link crosses the courtyards, there’s not a single guard posted in sight of Princess Zelda – the young girl who was recently targeted by another intruder. Even without the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf could have taken control of Hyrule Castle by Ocarina of time. Gerudo Fortress is better protected than the Hylian Royal Family.

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