Ocarina Of Time Speedrunner Deactivates From Twitter After Saying He’d Like To “Shoot People At Twitch HQ”

Narcissa Wright returned to Twitch in 2022 after a four-year hiatus after being banned in 2018. She recently streamed primarily in the Just Chatting and Breath of the Wild categories. Known for previously performing Ocarina of Time, Wright was banned again earlier this week for violating Twitch’s Terms of Service. Following this, she posted threatening tweets targeting Twitch headquarters.

Trigger a warning in case of self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

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“I want to kill myself and shoot people at Twitch HQ! Hahaha,” Wright wrote on Twitter ahead of his ban (as reported by Dexerto). Clearly, the ban took its toll on her, as she continued to tweet about her suicidal thoughts: “The internet is hell. Real life is hell too. And Twitch makes me want to die!” His Twitter account has since been deactivated, so those tweets cannot be found. Fans didn’t take the shooting threats seriously and instead decided to focus on his mental health amid the two bans.


She managed to set the speedrun world record for Ocarina of Time in 2014, beating the game in just 18 minutes and ten seconds.

Their initial ban in 2018 was for violating Twitch’s terms and services on nudity and sexual content, but the news allegedly came from opening a link whose content violated an as-yet-unknown part of Twitch’s terms of service. Twitch. Given that she was only banned this week, there have been no further developments – she could very well be back on the platform sooner than she did before, although her comments on Twitter certainly don’t help matters.

While this reflects his mental health which many of his fans are concerned about for his own well-being, death threats are never an excusable thing. Now that she’s banned from Twitch and turned off her Twitter, her fans don’t have many ways to get in touch or follow what’s going on with her, compounding their concerns. I hope she takes a break and can get some help before resuming any work in public.

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