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Since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it has been debated whether this installment is better than the other games in the series, such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Both games have some enjoyable qualities and series defining traits that set them apart from other titles, but figuring out which one is better requires further consideration. There are specific aspects of each game that are better than the rest, however, there is also a clear winner.

Although these titles were released almost three decades apart, they are both considered two of the best games in the world. The Legend of Zelda series. Each has categories in which they excel, such as side missions, puzzles, or music. There are plenty of other strong payouts, but none are as appreciated or game-changing as Ocarina of time and Breath of the wild.

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To determine which of the two is the best overall headline, there are a few things to consider. One of the most important aspects of everything The Legend of Zelda game is its replayability and the quality of its puzzles. Solving intricate mysteries has been a big part of the series from the start, with a number of side quests, an interesting overworld, and intriguing bosses to defeat. The two Ocarina of time and Breath of the wild have areas where they shine, and some where they are more lacking.

Best Zelda Music Legend: Ocarina of Time

Link plays the ocarina in Ocarina of Time.

It should come as no surprise that Ocarina of time has better music and sound effects than Breath of the wild. Most of the iconic melodies associated with The Legend of Zelda came from Ocarina of time, like Song of Storms or Saria’s Song. There are also some memorable sounds in Ocarina of time, like the scream you hear when a ReDead is triggered. Breath of the wild missing in this category. It has a nice background music and the expected sound effects, but nothing that stands out as much as the sounds in it. Ocarina of time.

Most replayable Legend Of Zelda game: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Player's Bow Standoff Ends in Amazing Tie

Ocarina of time is definitely a game that gamers can enjoy more than once, but Breath of the wild has a lot to discover; each game can be a new adventure as there is no linear path to follow, and its systems-based nature means players are always finding new sides, even years after release. Ocarina of time is more structured, so while going through the game multiple times might lead players to things they missed, the overall experience is pretty much the same every time. A lot of Ocarina of timeThe replayability of is linked to nostalgia, or simply to once again follow the rhythms of its excellent story.

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Breath of the wild is so large that players are unlikely to find all the secrets or complete all the quests in their first game. There is also no particular order in which Divine Beasts or Shrines must be completed (or even a requirement that they must be completed), so players have full control to change their experience each time. . One of the biggest draws is the constant flow of new techniques and problems discovered in Breath of the wild. The game’s variety of hidden mechanics allow players to experience a new adventure every time they play.

The Best Legend of Zelda Side Quests: Breath Of The Wild

BOTW - Overlooking the Lomei Labyrinth

Even ignoring the fact that Breath of the wild Beats Ocarina of time in terms of the number of quests, the game also gains in the quality of its side missions. Have unique events and areas like mazes or Breath of the wild‘s Eventide Island makes it the big winner when comparing optional activities. Collectible Missions are also better, as finding Korok Seeds gives players more options than collecting Golden Skulltulas. To get all the prizes associated with the Skulltulas, players must find the 100. In Breath of the wild, there are 900 Korok Seeds, but you don’t have to find all of them to unlock all of the inventory slots offered in exchange. This allows players to choose which areas to explore in depth.

The Best Legend of Zelda Boss: Ocarina Of Time

There are many unique bosses in Ocarina of time, including Volvagia, Bongo Bongo and Twinrova. Each boss has a different appearance and the victory mechanics are specific to each. For example, Volvagia must be knocked out with the Megaton Hammer, while Morpha must be caught with the Longshot. Ocarina of time even has some popular miniboss, such as Dead Hand, but Breath of the wildThe biggest battles have more forgettable opponents.

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Every major boss in Breath of the wild is a variation or a track of Calamity Ganon. The only exception is the leader of the Yiga clan, Master Kohga. The mission of the Yiga clan is to eliminate all those who oppose Ganon, which makes this boss as ordinary as the variants of Ganon. Contrary to Ocarina of time, there isn’t much variation in the boss fight mechanics in Breath of the wild, and the final fight with Calamity Ganon features more of the same fights players have already completed.

Best Legend of Zelda Overworld: Breath Of The Wild

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Great Plateau area

Even if Ocarina of time has some variety in the areas to explore, it doesn’t quite compare to the massive open world of Breath of the wild. Explore all regions of Breath of the wild can take a very long time, and players will likely continue to discover new areas after completing their main quests. Ocarina of time can be fully explored fairly quickly once each area is unlocked. The overworld in Breath of the wild is also much more important to the game as players will need to find souvenirs, shrines, towers, and equipment by venturing outside of dungeons.

The Better Legend Of Zelda Puzzles: Breath Of The Wild

Link inside the Kihiro Moh shrine in Breath of the Wild

Puzzles have been a staple of the The Legend of Zelda series since the first game. With each iteration, more complex and hidden puzzles are added to challenge players. Breath of the wild has various puzzles with intriguing mysteries to solve. Even if Ocarina of time has some difficult puzzles, there are many more in Breath of the wild, like Sanctuary Challenges or Finding the Eighth Heroine Statue, and there are other ways to solve them as well.

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The puzzles in the new game require players to be a bit smarter and, due to the size and reach of Breath of the wild, these challenges are frequent and can span several regions. The problem of puzzles in Ocarina of time is that while the game has clearly stood the test of time, the puzzles aren’t that difficult compared to newer games. Mysteries like understanding Ocarina of timeThe Water Temple has reputations that make them harder than they are, but once the puzzle mechanics are figured out they can be fairly straightforward to solve.

The best Legend Of Zelda game: Breath Of The Wild

While Ocarina of time may arouse feelings of nostalgia among longtime fans of the series, Breath of the wild is, overall, the best game. Many of its features beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeis both in quality and in quantity. Breath of the wild offers players a more complex and modern adventure with much more to discover, including new ways to play. When it comes to which is the best game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the definitive winner.

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