Ocarina of Time Kokiri Emerald


A skilled jeweler and super fan of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time creates an amazing recreation of the Kokiri Emerald, one of the Spirit Stones.

Ocarina of Time fan makes Kokiri Emerald peridot necklace

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most popular games in the entire franchise, so it attracts a lot of attention from fans and artists alike. Redditor Ryan56k is the most recent craftsman to leave his mark on the fandom with an incredible recreation of the Kokiri Emerald. As jewelers, they themselves cut and set the stone used for crafts. Many other details found in this piece of art can also be contributed to Ryan56k’s impressive work. This piece of art is particularly interesting because the Kokiri Emerald is not highlighted as much as icons like the Master Sword, the Triforce, or even other Spirit Stones.

For those who may not be familiar with it, the Kokiri Emerald is one of the three spiritual stones found in Ocarina of time. In order to open the Gate of Time, Link must collect these three stones, then play the Song of Time on his Ocarina. The first of the three stones players find is the Kokiri Emerald, so while most players have likely gotten this item even if they haven’t beaten the entire game, it can be easy to overlook.

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Ryan56k clearly didn’t want him to be forgotten, as he has now come to life in the real world thanks to their hard work. Oddly enough, the stone used here is actually not an emerald, as they instead chose to carve a peridot. Much like emerald, peridot can display a brilliant green color, but it tends to be more subtle and versatile. Ryan56k explains in response to a comment that they like the peridot more with every stone they cut.

Ryan56k specifies that this stone is set in a pendant shaped to resemble the gold pieces around the Kokiri emerald. Granted, it can be a bit difficult to tell what gold is supposed to look like in the Nintendo 64 version, but newer versions of the game give players a better look at this stone. After obtaining it from inside the Mojo Tree by defeating Queen Gohma, players are already one third of their quest.

Fans are in awe of Ryan56k’s work, with plenty of suggestions on what they should do next. One fan suggests trying to make Kokiri Emerald earrings, while others want to see the rest of the spiritual stones made into pendants or other forms of jewelry.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available now on N64.

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