Ocarina of Time is only 50% useless

The Gold Skulltula side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time offers some nice rewards, but it only matters for collecting the first 50 tokens.

Collect Tokens from Gold Skulltulas in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the biggest side quests in the game, but only half of them are worth finding. While the player will receive rewards for finding all 100, the reward for 50 tokens is the last to be earned. After this point, the side quest feels like a waste of time.

In Ocarina of time, there are 100 Golden Skulltulas scattered around the world of Hyrule. Each kill will provide Link with a Gold Skulltula token. A wealthy family who have been cursed due to their greed seek Link’s help, as their curse can only be broken if all 100 Golden Skulltulas are defeated. They offer rewards at certain stages, with the final one coming once Link has killed all of the Golden Skulltula in Hyrule. Naturally, curious players will naturally want to see what rewards are available.


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Early Skulltulas rewards are pretty good. The adult wallet for 10 tokens allows Link to carry 200 rupees at a time rather than the starting 99, and the giant wallet for 30 tokens increases that limit to 500 rupees. For 20 tokens, the Nintendo 64’s Agony Stone will shake the controller to detect hidden objects, and the 3DS’ Agony Fragment will do the same with a musical chime. 40 tokens will grant the player Bombchus, which are situational, but still useful. However, 50 tokens will grant a piece of heart to increase Link’s life total. All of these freebies are well worth the effort required. Contrary to Ocarina of timeuseless ice arrows, all these prizes are very useful for Link’s journey.

The Piece of Heart is Skulltula’s last good reward in Ocarina Of Time

A Gold Skulltula spider hangs from the ceiling in Ocarina of Time.

However, after 50 tokens, the Gold Skulltula rewards drop badly. For one, there are no more rewards given for collecting Golden Skulltula Tokens until the player has gotten all 100. Upon returning to Skulltula’s House, the curse will be broken and the player will he rich man will offer Link a huge rupee, worth 200 rupees. . Additionally, Link can receive another Huge Rupee each time he revisits the house. 200 rupees is a lot, and huge rupees are very rare. However, the fact that the top prize for such a lengthy side quest is money that could be acquired in a number of other ways makes it easy to see how players might think that Ocarina of timeThe Skulltula hunt is disappointing.

There are several ways to make the Gold Skulltula side quest more satisfying. For one thing, there’s way too much of an unrewarded gap between 50 and 100 Skulltulas. Instead, handing out rewards for 20 Skulltulas would have been more reasonable. Also, the final reward is rather disappointing. Even though it’s basically infinite rupees, the player will still collect rupees at a steady rate during normal gameplay, so it doesn’t seem too impressive. Instead, a better (and rarer) reward would have been something like a full heart container or another item of equal value. This side quest required the player to explore the world and defeat 100 unique enemies, and it requires a significant time investment. However, unlike mastery Ocarina of timeLink’s problem without a sword, the hunt for the golden Skulltula is ultimately disappointing.

The Gold Skulltula side quest in Ocarina of time is actually quite rewarding for the first half. However, the rewards for killing more than 50 Golden Skulltulas are sadly mediocre at best. Although this is one of the biggest side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeit’s probably best to leave the Gold Skulltula quest half done.

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