Ocarina Of Time Hides The Legend Of Zelda’s Biggest Scam

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a beloved classic that hides the biggest rip-off you can find in any Zelda Game. While every item Link can pick up is normally useful, Ocarina of time has one that is not only useless, but a complete waste. There’s no need to complete the game, but those who caught it probably won’t forget their disappointment.

Most of them The Legend of Zelda games, the sword is usually upgraded in a simple way over the course of the game. Link starts with his starting sword, occasionally picks up an upgrade along the way, and ends with the famous Master Sword from the series. There are a few exceptions, such as the first The Legend of Zelda ending with the magic sword instead. Ocarina of time is one of the games that breaks this trend, giving Link a different optional sword that’s as useless as Ocarina of timeof Hyrule Castle.


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As young Link, the player can find the Medigoron Blade Store hidden behind a cracked wall in the Goron Valley. Inside, Medigoron will let Link know he’s working on something special, but it’ll be years before he’s finished. After the time skip, Adult Link can return to his shop to find that his sword is complete, and Link will be able to purchase the Giant’s Knife for 200 rupees. Unlike Link’s regular swords, the Giant’s Knife requires two hands to wield, so Link cannot use a shield while wielding it. However, in exchange, he has twice the power of the Master Sword. Considering the myriad of enemies such as Ocarina of timeof nightmarish Dead Hand, such a powerful weapon would be welcome.

Ocarina of Time’s Giant’s Knife Is Totally Unsuitable for Combat

Although it looks like an incredible upgrade, the Giant’s Knife has one glaring weakness that completely ruins it. After hitting enemies only four times, it shatters and becomes as weak as Link’s starting sword. The player can pay another 200 rupees to fix it, but it breaks again just as quickly. There is no other way to describe the Giant’s Knife than a complete waste of money. Medigoron more or less deprives the player of a large sum of money and in return gives him a practically useless sword. This is perhaps the biggest bait and switch of them all Zelda game, otherwise any Nintendo game period, and even Ocarina of timeThe Skulltula hunt is less disappointing than the Giant’s Knife.

The Giant’s Knife might be useless, but there’s another optional sword upgrade in Ocarina of time it is completely legitimate. The game features a long series of trades, many of which must be completed within a time limit. The final leg of the trade brings Link to Medigoron’s brother, Biggoron, who needs eye drops. If Link can fulfill this request, Biggoron will ask him to come back in a few days. After that, Link will be rewarded with Biggoron’s Sword, which has the high power of the Giant’s Knife while being unbreakable. It’s no surprise that Ocarina of timeThe trade quest is a culmination, with Biggoron’s sword as a worthy reward. In the end, the only redeeming quality of the Giant’s Knife is that it slightly foreshadows the existence of the actually useful Biggoron’s Sword.

The Giant’s Knife is by far the most useless item ever added to a Zelda Game. Its power is rendered useless by the fact that it breaks almost as soon as the player starts using it. This can only be considered a joke, and in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timethis joke is played on the player.

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