Ocarina Of Time had functional portals in the original tech demo


Giles Goddard discussed work for Nintendo in the ’90s, which included creating portals in a tech demo for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

One of the original tech demos for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had working portals, which was a gimmick that would later be popularized by Portal. Ocarina of time is one of the most acclaimed video games of all time, but many secrets of its development were not revealed until last year, as part of the Nintendo Gigaleak.

The first screenshots of Ocarina of time showed areas of the game that never made it into the final product. Fans have been puzzled by the screenshots for years, with many wondering just how different the game could have been. Beta content of Ocarina of time was revealed in the Nintendo Gigaleak, while a prototype version of the game was later found on a F-Zero X developer cartridge. It’s clear that many of the earliest screenshots are from a time when Nintendo was still working on the limits of the N64’s new 3D hardware. As such, many areas have been reduced in extent, to ensure that the game can function properly.

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New information on the test phases of Ocarina of time was revealed in an interview on the MinnMaxShow Youtube channel. Giles Goddard was interviewed on his time at Nintendo. Goddard worked for Argonaut Games in the 90s and helped develop the first 3D titles, like Star fox and Stunt Race FX. He also worked on the demo of Ocarina of time which was presented at the Shoshinkai show in ’95. Goddard revealed that the content in the demo was more of a proof of concept, but he was able to create something impressive that never made it into the final game.

Goddard revealed that he still owns some of the first source code for these tech demos from Ocarina of time, and it included a map of Hyrule Castle. These maps had working magic portals that the player could use to travel to different locations on the same map. They could even see what was going on on the other side. The portals were connected to crystals that could be flipped, showing different parts of the map. When asked why it was not included, Goddard said he was too far advanced to include such an important new element, so the portals were never Ocarina of time.

The ability to instantly create functional portals and use them in interesting ways will appear later in Portal, which is another beloved title that came out nine years later. It is interesting to think how Ocarina of time (or one of the last The Legend of Zelda titles) could have used this concept in his dungeons, as it could have been earlier Portal nearly a decade.

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Source: MinnMaxShow / YouTube

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