Ocarina of Time fan shows off incredible Poe sculpture


A Legend of Zelda fan creates a highly detailed sculpture of an adorably spooky Poe using the drawings of Ocarina of Time.

Ocarina's ghost painting of Time's Forest Temple, which appears to depict a Poe.

More than 20 years after its original release, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remains alive in the public consciousness and continues to attract the attention of new and old fans. A Ocarina of time fan recently created an intricate sculpture of a Poe, one of the game’s iconic foes, with a surrounding graveyard environment.

Although the Poes appear in many THE Legend of Zelda games, they are particularly known for their presence in Ocarina of time, where they can be captured after defeat and sold for ten rupees. In this game, the color of their eyes can be used to tell if they are restless, green means they are calm, yellow means they can attack, and red means they are already halfway through. . It is not the first time Ocarina of time fans have created visual tributes to the characters in the game, but it is perhaps one of the most detailed.

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Redditor TriSarahTops57 sculpted an intricate rendition of a Poe floating above the grass in what appears to be a graveyard, with a small gravestone on either side and bare tree branches framing his figure. In Ocarina of time, Poe can become restless and attack Link if their graves are disturbed or if players get too close to an inactive lantern, and this Poe’s yellow eyes indicate he’s getting angry. However, his lantern is always by his side rather than being used to attack, so whoever disturbed him can still retreat from this sculpture unharmed.

The sculpture is beautifully painted, with the black face of the Poe wrapped in a blue and gray cloak and the lantern in black metal and dull yellow glass. Dark gray gravestones and bright green grass bring a sense of life and texture to the room, while small plants and mushrooms add small details. Ocarina of timeThe vibrant world of has already been captured in the sculpture, but the focus on a specific monster and its personalized environment makes this piece memorable.

As of this writing, this sculpture has been warmly received by fans, with many expressing interest in purchasing it. Many users praised TriSarahTops57 for their skill and the kindness of the Poe. Although the creator has said he does not yet have an Etsy storefront, he does post on his Instagram account when he puts a given statue up for sale. Apparently this statue will be on sale soon, which might be of interest to fans who collect The Legend of Zelda The figures.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available on Nintendo 64, 3DS and Wii U.

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