Ocarina Of Time Doesn’t Tell You A Secret Link Design Detail

Many surely know the adventures of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s Link, but its design tells a part of its story that is not found anywhere in the game. Ocarina of time, Link’s adult form is first revealed after spending seven years in stasis at the Temple of Time. Her design is much the same as her child form, wearing the same cap and tunic. However, fans can grab a brand new detail, most visible in the game’s official art: Link’s earrings.


An explanation of these earrings is offered in the Ocarina of time manga, which serves as a loose adaptation of the game’s story. Here, Link’s earrings are not present when he wakes up in the Temple of Time, and only when he encounters Impa at the village of Kakariko that he obtains them. After training Link at his request, Princess Zelda’s protector, a member of the Sheikah tribe, pierces his ears and gives him the earrings. It’s already a significant expansion of Impa’s role in the game, where she’s largely absent from the adult Link era after going to investigate Bongo Bongo’s return to the Shadow Temple.

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Impa explains that, although Link himself is not a member of the Sheikah race, earrings are given to young Sheikah men as a rite of passage when they become adults. It could be seen as a sort of honorary induction into the Sheikah clan, and provides an expanded perspective on Link as a character. This Ocarina of time‘s Link’s background in multiple cultures is evident even in-game: he has the pointy ears of a Hylian even though Link was raised as a Kokiri, and always wears the Kokiri tunic. This detail from the manga adds another group to this mix and portrays Link as a character representing many of Hyrule’s diverse cultures.

It should be noted that the Ocarina of time the manga exists in a separate canon from the game. There are a number of key differences between the game and the manga; for example, while Link has no dialogue in the game, he speaks without hesitation in the manga. But since the game offers no alternative explanation for the earrings, fans may prefer to believe that this is indeed why Link is wearing them after the time skip.

The earrings certainly add an aspect of intrigue to the otherwise simple characterization Link gets as the silent protagonist, without straying too far from the canon of the game. Details like this allow fans of the series to imagine a Link very different from his ancestors and successors. If they wish, fans can collect The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeEmbodying Link as more than just a silent hero, and instead as a multi-layered character whose identity was shaped by his Kokiri upbringing, Hylian blood, and Impa’s blessing to carry on the clan’s legacy Sheikah.

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