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When discussing older video games, the topic of titles that deserve some sort of remake, remaster, or re-release will inevitably come up. This is especially true when it comes to Nintendo. After all, the company is responsible for some of the most iconic and influential games of all time, even though some were initially limited by the material they came out for.

Nintendo itself apparently realizes this, as there are several instances where the company creates a new version of one of its classic games and puts it on a modern platform. And with the skyrocketing success of the Nintendo Switch, the demand for such remakes is arguably higher than ever. If you ask fans to THE Legend of Zelda franchise in particular which game from the series’ past they’d like to see remade for the Switch, a good chunk will probably say Ocarina of time. However, there are a few other entries that are more worthy of the Switch treatment – especially considering that the perfect Ocarina of time remake already exists.

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Originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been a huge leap forward for 3D games, not to mention one of the most essential and famous tales in the world. Zelda myth. That being said, it had its issues, which were the fact that – as appreciated as the system was – the N64 wasn’t particularly powerful. This has resulted in visuals that sometimes push the limits of the imagination by today’s standards. Additionally, 3D gaming was still in its infancy in the late ’90s, which means the gameplay is a bit clunky in places. And while that arguably adds an element of strategy, having to constantly reassign the C buttons is more of a chore than anything else.

In the summer of 2011, Nintendo released Ocarina of time 3D on Nintendo 3DS. This game is undoubtedly the definitive Ocarina of time to live. The only thing the N64 version really has compared to the 3DS version is its retro charm. Other than that, the 3DS version looks better, sounds better, performs better, and most importantly, plays better, boasting years of expertise in 3D games. It even comes with Master’s quest integrated, adding a fair amount of replayability. Obviously, a Switch remake would only improve Ocarina of timeIt’s visuals even further and put them on a bigger screen – which is certainly an appealing prospect. However, that’s about the only thing a second remake would bring to the table.

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Ocarina of time and the 3DS’s dual-screen layout was a perfect match. Along with the map, the item selection has been moved to the bottom screen, with two touch locations added to the existing “C button” locations for a total of five. The ocarina also received its own dedicated touch slot separate from the five (just like Navi), providing even more flexibility. In this way, playing OOT 3D, you don’t have to constantly press pause to check where you are in a dungeon or trade items almost as often as you would in the original. Life and Rubies have also been moved to the bottom screen, leaving a less obstructed view of the top screen.

Since it only uses one screen at a time, a Switch version of Ocarina of time might actually be a major downgrade in this regard depending on how it’s handled. Revised graphics would be nice, but it’s also worth mentioning that OOT 3D still looks pretty good nine years later. The only way a Switch remake of OdT would feel truly justified is if this were to be okay on Final Fantasy VII remake itinerary and be a full-fledged re-imagination, built from scratch. And at this point, why not just create a whole new Zelda Game?

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In addition to this there is Zelda games even more worthy of a Switch version than Ocarina of time, such as The awakening of the wind Where Twilight Princess. As OdTIn the 3DS redesign, these games have already had HD remakes on the Wii U, but given the sales of that console, they’re not particularly accessible.

The 3DS family of systems has been incredibly successful, selling 75.77 million units and cash. If you’re one of the tens of millions who already own a 3DS, there’s a good chance you already have it. Ocarina of time 3D, especially since it was provided with certain versions of the system. If you don’t have the game but have the system, you are a simple eShop or Amazon transaction away from the definitive version of one of the best games ever made.

In contrast, the Wii U struggled commercially, selling just 13.56 million units before being discontinued. While the OOT 3D the experience is only $ 20 for many Nintendo gamers, most will need to purchase a separate console to play Wind Waker HD Where Twilight Princess HD, which is made even worse by the fact that the price of this latest game has not gone down since its launch. Bringing these games to the much more successful Switch might not only help them (The awakening of the wind especially since its original console didn’t sell particularly well either) finding a larger audience than ever before, but it would also be a much faster process than doing a full remake from scratch.

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For those who just fancy a full remake, however, there are plenty of other classic titles to choose from. If there’s anything the Switch remake of Link’s Awakening proven is that there is still tons of fun to be had with the old school, top down style Zelda Games. Nintendo could review the Oracle Games, The Minish cap or even the original The Legend of Zelda. Applications that may have been unfairly rejected in the past, such as The adventure of the link and Skyward sword – could also benefit from a facelift.

As influential as it is, the N64 sold less than half the number of units as the 3DS. The 3DS took Ocarina of time – arguably the magnum opus of the N64 – and made it more accessible to more gamers while improving the game itself in every way. Nowadays you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not know how awesome it is. An even newer and brighter version of OdT on the system that gave us Breath of the wild is mouthwatering, but maybe it’s time to pay forward and give another classic Zelda game a chance at a second life.

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