Ocarina Of Time and Mario Kart 64 launch with major Switch issues

Subscribers have reported issues with the performance and quality of several games in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, especially with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Mario kart 64.

One of the biggest problems is Mario kart 64because it does not allow players to save ghost data on the Nintendo Switch. This is because it cannot detect an N64 Controller Pak, which means fans cannot record their own recordings to take on them in ghost trials.

An error message reads “No N64 Controller Paks found to record ghost data.” Insert N64 Controller Pak into the controller “, while another warning that appears at the top right of the screen during races adds” race data cannot be recorded for the phantom “.

Mario Kart 64. Credit: Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch emulation of Ocarina of time also suffers from many problems, as players have reported technical issues with the title.

Several players have identified input lag issues, alleging that Ocarina of time has a significant delay between receipt of commands from the controller and their execution.

As reported on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, there are also problems with Ocarina of time not correctly rendering fog or reflective elements, causing a drop in quality.

Notably, the reflective surfaces from Dark Link’s boss fight in the Water Temple appear to have been rendered poorly, which is a problem as Link’s reflection plays a big role in the atmosphere and configuration of this area.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the issues with the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack, although many Twitter users have turned to Nintendo. announcement to express his frustration with the release.

In other news, crowdfunding for a Skyrim board game will begin next month.

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