N64 games like ‘Ocarina’ run like garbage on Nintendo Switch, apparently


Here has Grab, we’ve already discussed how the new Nintendo Switch Online “Expansion Pack” – which includes the N64 and Sega Genesis games – is a lot of money for not much. Unfortunately, it went from bad to worse, as those poor souls who paid $ 50 for the right to gamble WinBack: covert operations in 2021 saw a rude awakening, as it seems these N64 games don’t perform particularly well on the Switch.

According to a long wire ResetEra documenting the issues, the Switch’s emulation of these Nintendo 64 classics leaves a lot to be desired, with many gamers reporting input lag, confusing button layouts, scrambled music, and even frame rates on low intensity games like Yoshi’s story. Several users have described it at best as beta quality, and it seems that the input lag is so bad on some games (such as Super Mario 64 and Mario kart 64) that they are even difficult to play.

Sad but true – These hiccups will not surprise those with first-hand experience of the messy world of Nintendo 64 emulation. Yes, despite the console being 25 years old at this point, N64 emulators are very demanding and sometimes inconsistent, even on PCs. powerful much more powerful than your Switch.

Indeed, the first 3D video game consoles like the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn had very specific and unusual hardware limitations that are almost unrecognizable today, and the developers of the time had to use technical cunning and magic to run the games on these platforms. . As such, it has taken decades for emulation communities to progress to this point, and while they are still not perfect, they are much better than before.

Take it or leave it – Even if you put aside the technical limitations of the Switch – and the ridiculous price tag – this is an embarrassing offer from Nintendo. According to the thread, players don’t even have an obvious way to tie the controls together, which appears to be an issue that could be easily fixed. Zelda speedrunner ZFG took to Twitter to state that the performance of Ocarina on Switch is even worse than that of the Wii U Virtual Console, which should be seen as a low bar to clear.

Believe us: Unless your kids have a strange aversion to PC monitors and you really need to show them the glory that is Star fox 64, this is a bad deal. Don’t give Nintendo your money for this insanely bad deal. To play Terror Metroid instead of.

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