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Finally discovering the missing “Link”.

I’I’ve been a casual gamer since high school but i never had time to play any of the originals The Legend of Zelda Games. My first experience with the beloved series was pretty pitiful, actually.

i tried to play Twilight Princess on the Wii but froze at the sight of a bulblin, a goblin-like creature whose sole purpose is to knock you out with a club. It took me a few months to work up the courage to give simple battle another chance. I ended up warming up for the game but never finished it. Years later, however, I loved the most recent and critically acclaimed open-world game in the franchise, breath of the wild.

Every time I mention how much I love the story and gameplay of breath of the wildit is often followed by “Did you play Ocarina of time?!”

Well no. Although he was born the same year, the fifth game of the Zelda series came out (1998), I never laid eyes on what is considered the best Zelda game – much to the chagrin of other players.

Their astonishment is reinforced by the fact that Ocarina also tells the origin story of Link, the bravest warrior in Hyrule Kingdom, and the character that players take on when playing the Zelda series. Before Ocarina of timefans had little knowledge of the history of Hyrule, its princess Zelda, and the story’s hero, Link.

Ocarina of time has been re-released since the Nintendo GameCube era, with versions compatible with almost all Nintendo consoles. So I decided to dive into the origins of Link and Hyrule.

NOTNormally, I consume video games through my gaming laptop or Nintendo Switch. Switching from a Switch to a 3DS handheld device posed a few challenges, the biggest being the camera controls. I was spoiled with the Switch having left and right control sticks – the left for navigating the character and the right for the camera view. It is a perfect design for modern video games.

But the camera in Ocarina of time East terrible. Understanding automatic camera angles and aiming became my real first quest. But once I got past those horrible mechanics, I couldn’t put the game down.

A fairy ocarina – a vital tool in the game – is a magical instrument that opens hidden passages, charms villagers and plays soft music. To defeat the Evil King, Link (meaning you, the player) uses the Fairy Ocarina to collect three Spirit Stones from different regions of Hyrule and the much more powerful Ocarina of Time.

Simple enough, right? Psycho! There’s a whole other piece to the story, but you can play on your own to find out.

Despite the dated graphics and lack of guidance, exploring a simpler map of Hyrule compared to breath of the wild was refreshing. I was able to focus on the story and the characters, which is one of my favorite things about the franchise.

I loved playing through this game – the plot twists and gameplay – despite the terrible camera. It was fun to finally be able to enjoy such a monumental game in The Legend of Zelda franchise history. I finally understand what Ocarina the hype is all about – it was the missing link to my favorite video game fandom.

I can’t wait to download the next chapter of the Zelda series, Majora’s Mask, and keep playing. ♦

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