Musicians can now play wind instruments with this innovative mask


During this pandemic, we’ve probably rocked our fair share of fancy masks to get inexpensive sensations outside the rule of the obligatory mask. Since no one knows when is the next time we can wander the streets without a mask again, even having bubble tea while window shopping might catch the eyes of passers-by as we lower our masks to take a sip. For musicians who play wind instruments, it is practically impossible to play with a mask.

In Japan, where everyone still wears masks as much as possible, two companies have come up with their own ingenious solution.

Tokyo based musical company Shimamura partnered with silica gel manufacturer Technad design ‘Silica Clean antibacterial deodorant solid mask for wind instruments‘.

The special design of the mask will allow musicians to hold the mouthpiece through the slit opening at the bottom of the mask. According to a Press release, the inside of the mask is made of an exclusive fabric that contains clean silica to deodorize the inside of masks and adjust humidity levels so musicians can play their instruments in comfort. The whole mask is made of an antibacterial thread made of silver ions, which suppresses the growth of various bacteria.

When you are not playing an instrument, you can also close the opening with a protective cloth so that it can be used as a normal mask.

The mask enters small and medium sizes which makes it suitable for children and adults. It is also available in white, light gray and black for 1,848 JPY (S $ 23.93). You understand here.

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