Musical Keyboard Buying Guide: How To Buy The Right Musical Instrument, Prices, Types And More Most Wanted Products


Are you interested in music and want to start learning the keyboard? Or your old keyboard no longer works and you want to buy a new one? You will need a good keyboard buying guide that will help you make the right buying decision. There are different options available in keyboards depending on features, price range, number of keys and more, which can sometimes make your purchasing decision tricky.

Here is a keyboard buying guide that will help you make the right buying decision. Take a look at types of keyboards, things to consider before you buy, and more.


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Types of keyboards

These keyboards are generally expensive and are suitable for professional needs. These keyboards usually have a built-in mini-computer that helps customize various audio features needed by professional keyboardists. These keyboards can easily be connected to your laptops or computers to compose music.

Check out some popular workstation keyboards here.

An arranger keyboard is another popular option that professionals need to help them compose music. You can easily select your desired rhythm score, tempo, and audio type to set this keyboard for automatic background playback. There are many features and rhythm patterns available in these keyboards that can facilitate music composition.

Take a look at the popular arranging keyboard options here.

A synthesizer is a keyboard typically used by beginner to intermediate keyboard players. It comes in various sizes ranging from 37 keys to 61 keys for you to buy depending on your age group, hand size and level of keyboard playing knowledge. These are commonly used at home and on small stages and don’t cost too much. A synthesizer is also often used in a rock band when you need to give an audio basis to other instruments being played on stage.

Take a look at popular synthesizers here.

As the name suggests, it is the modern variant of an ordinary piano. It doesn’t offer too many audio quality adjustment features like other keyboards. This keyboard variant becomes a perfect choice when you want to save space without compromising the traditional audio quality of a piano. A digital piano typically has 88 keys and is usually played like a regular piano, but after placing it on a stand. It has a volume control option but is not easily portable compared to other keyboards.

Discover the digital pianos available online here.

This is a keyboard accessory that is often used when composing music on a keyboard to adjust the texture of the sound. It should be plugged into a laptop or computer to easily see the audio texture on your screen. This is not suitable for beginners and is necessary for intermediate to professional keyboardists who want perfection in audio texture.

Take a look at MIDI controller keyboards here.

Keyboard type Mid price range
Workstation keyboards Rs 30,000 – 70,000
Arranger keyboards Rs 15,000 – 25,000
Synthesizer 5,000 – 10,000 rupees
Digital piano Rs 35,000 – 50,000
MIDI controller keyboard Rs 8,000 – 15,000

Things to consider before buying a musical keyboard

  • Your knowledge of the instrument. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate level, or play the keyboard as a professional, there are different keyboards available for different needs.
  • Keyboard price or your budget when purchasing this musical instrument
  • The features you want to have in your keyboard like the number of sounds, rhythms, patterns and more
  • The space you have in your home or studio. This will help you decide on the ideal size for your keyboard.
  • If portability is one of your main concerns. If you need a portable keyboard, prefer lightweight or smaller keyboards. You should consider both size and weight when checking the portability of your keyboard
  • Whether you want to create your own compositions or practice tunes from popular songs
  • Connectivity with your laptop, computer, amplifier and more. This will help you choose the right keyboard after considering the connectivity features.
  • Recording options for professional needs or to practice your favorite tracks
  • Storage option to record and store the audio tracks you compose. Memory capacity usually decides the price of most professional keyboards
  • The number of entry and exit points
  • Whether you want to perform at home, in the studio, in an auditorium, on stage or elsewhere
  • The clarity of sound. If you are buying a keyboard for professional needs, you will need to go for keyboards that offer perfection in audio quality.
  • Whether you want to buy a touchscreen keyboard or not. The loudness of these keyboards depends on how you press the keys while playing a song. Most touch keyboards will continue to play the sound until the moment you press a key.

Number of keys in a keyboard

  • 32 Key Keyboards – Suitable for Kids and Beginners
  • 61 Key Keyboards – Suitable for intermediate level players. Can even be used by professionals who are not into music composition
  • 78 or 88 keys in a keyboard – Suitable for professionals who need high-end features and little portability

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Keyboard accessories that will enhance your keyboard lessons and performance

  • Keyboard stickers to mark or label the keys
  • Keyboard stand
  • Keyboard Cover
  • Dust covers for keyboards
  • Keyboard adapters
  • Clear plastic covers to protect your keyboard from spills
  • Keyboard pedals
  • A bench or stool to comfortably play the keyboard
  • A headset compatible with your keyboard to train with peace of mind

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