Musical Instrument Sales and Software Downloads Rise During Coronavirus Lockdown

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is both a health and economic crisis, but it seems the musical instrument industry is holding up better than most. In fact, it turns out that it can experience significant growth.

Rolling stone reports that several US retailers see more sales as guitars, synths, MIDI keyboards, drum machines and other products, while Apple has confirmed that there have been nearly 13 million downloads of GarageBand sound libraries since early February. Logic Pro X’s user base, meanwhile, was bolstered by Apple’s decision to offer a 90-day free trial of the DAW.

Retailers are noting a particular increase in sales of studio and professional audio equipment, with guitarists and drummers buying their first audio interface Where microphone for the purpose of making music at home using a computer. With free time, players and performers also turn into producers.

This all aligns with the MusicRadar experience: We’ve seen a massive increase in year-over-year traffic to our product buying guides, with people eager to research the best deals on the best products.

Interest in our guide to Online piano lessons has also increased during the pandemic, as keyboardists replace face-to-face lessons with digital alternatives. If you want to start playing or recording at home, here are some of our most useful guides.

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Learn to play the keyboard

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How to play a C major scale on a keyboard
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How to play major and minor chords on a keyboard
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How to develop finger independence on a keyboard
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