Musical Instrument Apps 2022: Apps for Musicians Available on iOS and Android

For new musicians, choosing a new instrument or understanding the basics of music theory can be difficult. But there is a new generation of apps created to help professional and amateur musicians.

Lana Meisak, vice president of marketing at Gismart, a company that has created music apps, said the popularity and success of their music apps lies in the combination of three elements: games, music and education.

Mobile music games will continue to be influenced by three trends: collaboration, simplification and technological innovations. Music apps are also important to encourage kids to get into music.

That said, here are some of the best apps for musicians.


Gismart’s Piano has over 50 million downloads. It’s one of the most popular music apps out there, according to ClassicFM.

Electric Keyboard Simulator uses a selection of instruments like organ, grand piano and harpsichord to teach you all the basics.

Piano’s most successful feature is Magi Tiles. It plays well-known songs for you while a series of prompts appear on the screen, guiding you to the correct notes. You can also write and record your own melodies or share your compositions with others.

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Designed by professional musicians, Yousician serves as a personal digital tutor and has over 10 million downloads, according to PasteMagazine.

Whether you want to master the guitar, ukulele, or piano, the music app listens to you play before providing real-time feedback on key areas like timing and accuracy.

Using step-by-step tutorials, exercises, and videos, plus gameplay to track your progress, you can easily learn to strum and sing.

kids piano

Created for children, this playful music box teaches them to play musical instruments and discover unique sounds, according to Business Insider.

The app is bright and colorful so kids can stay engaged, while four modes work together to boost their concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.

From drum kits and xylophones to saxophones and flutes, the music app is a great way to introduce kids to sounds.


People who want to learn to play the violin will love this music app. Using a simulated bow, you can play along to popular songs in play mode by pressing notes on the fingerboard.

For gamers with a competitive spirit, the app also lets you play and compete against family or friends, with daily challenges to boost your source.

Help with music theory

Music Theory Helper, created by Okram Apps, is easy to navigate.

This app lets you learn more about chords, intervals, symbols, note values, and scales. There is a lot of information on the app, which also offers a variety of exercises to improve your reading and listening skills.

air conductor

If you want to become a conductor, this music app turns your mobile phone into a virtual baton.

The led beat pattern determines the tempo of MIDI playback, and it uses your mobile phone’s accelerometer to detect 2/4 and 4/4 beat patterns, or you can set custom meters with the signature feature temporal.

The app’s music sample library includes pieces from popular musicians like Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky, so you can practice conducting to different tunes or add your own MIDI files.

In 2015, Roli launched the Noise app which turns your phone into a musical instrument.

In January, Joue Music Instruments presented the new version of the Joue Play.

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